Redmi Smart Band Pro Sports Watch

Cont. SpO₂-Tracking
110+ Pro
Workout Modes
Always-On Heart Rate Monitoring
Health Algorithm
Always-On Display
Women's Menstrual Health Tracking
The Big 3.73cm(1.47) AMOLED display comes with viewing clarity so outstanding, you'd get hooked to tracking your fitness goals .With an expansive touch screen, navigation & controls are quicker & smoother
Start your workout anytime and anywhere!The Redmi Smart Band Pro automatically detects 3 workout modes and starts tracking your activity as you move
Health AlgorithmTracking Health Vitals Accurately & ContinuouslyPowered by LifeQ® Health Algorithm, a leading provider in biometric & health information system for wearables.Redmi Smart Band Pro offers all-round tracking across four pillars of health vitals: Activity, Cardiovascular, Fitness & Sleep
With Continous Night-time Monitoring
Monitor your Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO₂), key indicator of a person's overall health, reflecting the oxygen levels in the blood that helps detect early signs of health risks.The Redmi Smart Band Pro monitors SpO₂ automatically & continuously during sleep and anytime during the day manually.
Continuously tracks real-time heart rate, 24 hours a day. The band delivers easy-to read graphs of resting heart rate and allows intelligent fitness training with accurately calibrated cardio intensity levels and heart rate zones.The band vibrates to send an alert when your heart rate falls out of the safe zone.
Track your menstrual health with predictive reminders for your period cycles.Log & track comprehensive records of your cycles, ovulation & fertile days on the Mi Fitness App.
With stress level score monitoring the band equips you to balance your hectic work life, even when you're too busy to track your mental health parameters.
Take a pause & improve your breathing quality with time-bound guided breathing exercises on the band
Has your fitness trainer ever told you how integral sleep quality is for achieving your fitness goals?Redmi Smart Band Pro monitors sleep quality through the 4 stages: Awake, Light sleep, Deep sleep and REM It tracks your sleep & breathing patterns so you can work on improving your sleep duration, sleep quality and detect early signs of sleep apnea.
The band comes with convenient magnetic charging support and ensures a battery life that will keep you going for two weeks straight.Battery Life
Normal Mode
Power Saving
Take a dip in the sea, get in the shower, sweat it out in the gym, go for a run in the rain, or enjoy 14 water fitness modes with the water-resistant Redmi Smart Band Pro
Always-On Style StatementCustomize and change your smart band display with images from your gallery. In addition get 50+ predesigned watch faces from Mi Fitness App.
and more.
With Easy Access to Smartphone Features
Music PlaybackFind My Phone*Alarm
Emoji SupportWeather Forecast App Notifications
Idle AlertStop WatchCamera ControlIncoming Call Notification
Unlock Phone (MIUI Only)Do not DisturbReminderTimer
Get comprehensive reports on your daily activities, track your fitness regimes & monitor your health vitals on the app
Notes:Redmi Smart Band Pro Price: 3,999 Redmi Smart Band Pro Features: • Redmi Smart Band Pro comes with bigger 3.73cm(1.47) AMOLED Colour Display. • Redmi Smart Band Pro S display is enabled with Always-on support and ambient light sensor that enables auto brightness detection • Redmi Smart Band Pro comes with LifeQ® Health Algorithm- Leading provider in biometric & health information for wearables. • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring enabled with PPG heart rate sensor. It Indicates pulse rate to monitor resting heart rate and while working out. • Women’s health tracking, with predictive reminders on your period cycles, ovulation & fertile days.This feature should not be used or relied on for any medical purposes. It may not accurately predict your menstrual cycles or related information. • Redmi Smart Band Pro comes with SpO₂ tracking with continuous night time SpO₂ monitioring. • Sleep monitoring enabled indicates sleep quality through the 4 stages: Awake, Light sleep, Deep sleep and REM • 5 ATM rated Redmi Smart Band Pro has water resistance for up to a 50m depth- The water resistance rating is 5 ATM (equivalent to a depth of 50 m under water), allowing the device to be worn while showering and swimming, but not in saunas or when diving • Redmi Smart Band Pro comes with 110+ Pro workout modes and 3 auto-detect modes. Workout modes include Outdoor Sports Modes, Water Fitness Modes, Training Modes, Dance Modes, Combat Sports Modes, Winter Modes & Recreational Modes • Allows to get fitness goals and track daily calories burnt, steps walked & standing time. • Battery Life: 14-days in normal mode and 20-days in power Saving mode with magnetic charging port • Redmi Smart Band Pro includes smartphone features like: Music Playback, 100+ Emoji Support, Weather Forecast, app notifications, Incoming Call Notifications, do not disturb, Idle Alert, Stop Watch, Camera Control and more *Please note that all functions, features, specs and any other product information provided on any Xiaomi and subsidiary platform, including but not limited to, benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability and capabilities describing the product are subject to change and changed by the company when deemed necessary without any notice or obligation.