Design as advanced as the technology within

Elegant metal body and 4050mAh
battery in a slim 8.65mm profile

A compelling combination

Textured metal, an incredible 164g lightness, and the assurance of full day battery are what make Redmi Note 3 so compelling. All this is combined with impeccable engineering to condense the latest technologies in the palm of your hand.

The lightest 4050mAh yet

Redmi Note 3 uses the latest 690Wh/L battery technology to fit an extra 26% capacity without any excess bulk. Thoughtful engineering design such as the compact circuit board and indented inner back cover maximise room for more battery.

Embedding LDS antennas directly on the back cover and making full use of the 0.25mm aluminum curvature are major design changes that utilize space more efficiently. Redmi Note 3 is designed to give you more power to last the entire day.

  • Rests on the metal
    back cover
  • Sits in the indented
    inner back cover

Premium metal artistry

The strength and durability of metal, rimmed in a luxurious gold or silver, make Redmi Note 3 so irresistible. Curved to fit in your hand Curved all around the edges, Redmi Note 3 has a seamless, comfortable grip that feels natural in your hand. Smooth and seamless Sections of the back cover transition seamlessly to create a smooth, flawless finish.

Metal in the making

Despite its resilience, manufacturing the metal back cover is a delicate process. We perfected the color and touch of aluminum by sandblasting both the inner and outer sides of the back cover. This detailed process refines the edges and rims with a polished shine.

Delightful, delicate details

Redmi Note 3 is filled with surprising, delightful details. Metal side buttons respond beautifully, and the rear camera sits flush against the body. Positioned under 132 precision-drilled speaker holes, is a 1mm fulcrum that improves sound and prevents sliding when the phone is placed on a table. Invisible to the untrained eye, these details are what create such a wonderful user experience on Redmi Note 3.

Discover strength in lightness

The lightweight aluminum frame provides a strong foundation that protects inner components from damage in the event of accidents.

Beautiful from any angle

Redmi Note 3 comes in 3 gorgeous colors that showcase its premium and elegant metal body—gold, silver, and dark gray.