13MP high-speed camera

All your beautiful moments, captured.

From selfies and group shots to food photography, capture precious memories as images and video, wherever you go. People increasingly take more pictures than calls on their phone, and Mi 4 incorporates the very latest in camera technology to enhance your photography experience. It's blindingly quick – quick to activate, quick to focus and quick to take the shot. And with its combination of robust design and cutting-edge hardware and software, it's the perfect on-the-go travel companion.

Autofocuses in 0.3 seconds

Most smartphones require 0.6 to 0.8 seconds to focus – that's critical time lost when you're shooting on-the-go. But Mi 4 features an advanced closed-loop focus system which is much faster than conventional solutions. Traditional autofocus systems need to move the lens through its whole focal range to determine the point of focus. But the closed-loop system can communicate the motor location to the focusing system,

Shoot first, focus later

Blurry photos? Not a problem! Now you can adjust the focal point even after you've taken the photo with Magic Focus. This allows you to switch the area of focus in the photo from one object to another retrospectively. Depth of field and bokeh effects can also be adjusted afterwards. With unlimited possibilities, it's time to get creative.

Hit a moving target

Tracking autofocus locks on to fast-moving objects

Whether you're shooting at a sports event or tracking a moving animal, how do you capture fast movement on your phone? With Touch-To-Track technology, it's simple. Gently slide your finger to select and lock on to the object you wish to track. Mi 4 will then automatically adjust the focal point and calculate the exposure. It's a function you might previously have found only in professional cameras but with Mi 4, it's right there in your pocket.

8MP BSI front camera

Beauty mode with 36 smart filters

Let Beauty mode determine the best of 36 smart filters to enhance your selfies, giving you an all-natural glow. It selects the most suitable filter based on your age and gender, providing a subtle enhancement that will make all the difference to your pictures.

Adjust exposure settings instantly

As professional as it is simple

The Mi 4 camera includes a number of advanced features, such as the option to fine-tune the exposure value (EV) directly in the camera app after tapping on your point of focus. Select from 12 presets and tailor the brightness and shadow settings to your liking. There's no learning curve with Mi 4– it's simple and intuitive.

Smart high dynamic flash

Mi 4 takes 2 pictures in quick succession, 1 with and without flash, and merges them together using image synthesis technology. Images look great with natural skintones and details remain clear in the foreground and background.

Clear foreground + Clear background = Perfect flash

Shoot 4K UHD videos

Record every second at 4 x 720P definition

Mi 4's 13MP Sony IMX 214 CMOS sensor can record 4K videos at 30 frames per second (3840 x 2160 pixels) in real time, and at 1080p resolution. Film a mini masterpiece or record your travels abroad, then admire your work with your friends and family on Mi TV, which also supports 4k video.

Rapid-fire HDR burst mode

10 shots per second, hardware-level previews in real time

While most HDR shots are software-based and involve stitching pictures of different exposure levels together, Mi 4's hardware-level processing uses a staggered electronic shutter exposure technique to give you HDR in every single frame.

Snap like a pro

Accurate exposure, white-balance,
and real-time noise reduction

Colors couldn't be more vivid and lifelike, thanks to Mi 4's exposure and white-balance settings, which are optimized automatically and incorporate real-time noise reduction technology. The result? Photos that are much closer to what you see in real life.

15 ways to personalize your photos

Use real-time filters to create custom images

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