Crafted to perfection

Discover the incredible craftsmanship behind Mi 4's stainless steel frame and 5" IPS Full HD display.

Only Mi 4 (white) available at the moment.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.5GHz processor

Mi 4 is built around Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 chipset and its four 2.5GHz Krait 400 processor cores, which gives you 14% more computing speed. Nearly 2 times faster in image processing than its predecessor, it has an unrivalled ability to handle several complex tasks while maximising battery life, thanks to its super energy-efficient Hexagon DSP core.

more computing performance
faster image processing

Adreno 330 GPU

The 3D rendering capabilities of a gaming console

The Adreno 330 GPU supports advanced graphics APIs, including OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenCL,Renderscript Compute and FlexRender. It can render highly complex graphics at lightning speed, thanks to Unified Shader Architecture and FlexRender's fast rendering technology. Unified Shader Architecture dynamically adjusts the allocation of computing resources depending on the type of image, with independent adjustment of pixel and vertex shaders. FlexRender's technology dynamically chooses between immediate and deferred rendering modes, which enables the Adreno GPU to deliver images in games faster and more efficiently

Energy-efficient DSP core
The latest Hexagon QDSP6V5A DSP technology makes video and image-based apps particularly energy-efficient. As a result they can run for longer and drain less battery power.
Quad-core reduces power wastage
High performance mobile (HPm) technology and aSMP dynamic CPU power-supply control can manage the frequency and voltage of each core chip in the CPU independently based on the application usage scenario, in order to reduce unnecessary power wastage. Quick Charge 2.0 accelerated charging technology reduces charging time by 75%.

High color-saturation with 84% NTSC gamut

Get ready for intense, vivid colours

Mi 4 features a high color-saturation Sharp/JDI display, with 17% better overall color saturation for a richer viewing experience. Whether you're looking at photos, watching videos, or using exciting apps, Mi 4 delivers vivid colors.

Normal display Mi 4's high color-saturation display

13MP Sony
high-speed camera

Focuses in just 0.3 seconds

Great photos in milliseconds. Sony's IMX 214 13MP Exmor RS stacked image sensor collects more light through a 6-element lens and autofocuses in just 0.3 seconds. With a large f/1.8 aperture, Mi 4 delivers great low-light performance and bokeh effects. Give Magic Focus mode a try - just snap an image and choose your point-of-focus later. It's magic!

  • Large F1.8 aperture

    Capture sharp images with gentle bokeh effects.

  • Real-time HDR

    Hardware-level real-time HDR can shoot bursts
    of up to 10 pictures per second

  • 0.3-second autofocus

    Snap away with super quick focusing speed

  • 4K UHD video

    Records video at a resolution of 3128 x 2160
    4 times the definition of 1080P

  • Shoot first, focus later

    Choose which areas to focus on after you've
    taken the picture, with Magic Focus

  • Tracking autofocus

    Real-time autofocus on moving objects


Loved by 100 million users in 24 languages

Discover new functions, shortcuts, customizations and animations embedded within MIUI 6. Each swipe, pinch and flick is co-developed and upgraded regularly, based on improvement suggestions from some 100 million active MIUI users worldwide.

Use your phone as a remote control

Infrared emitters compatible with 2,853 devices

Mi 4's in-built infrared remote control function supports transfer protocols with infrared receiving equipment. The Mi remote control app can be used to operate televisions, air-conditioning units and a vast array of other home appliances. The app currently supports 2,853 devices, and more are being added all the time.