4K HDR Smart TV

Mi TV 4X

108cm (43)

Mi TV 4X 43

10-bit display

Mi TV 4X 43

Vivid Picture Engine

Mi TV 4X 43

20W speakers
Dolby™+ DTS-HD®

Mi TV 4X 43

PatchWall with massive 4K content catalog

Mi TV 4X 43

Android TV™ + Google Assistant

Mi TV 4X 43

Data Saver

Mi TV 4X 43

Crystal Clear
Picture Quality

4K Ultra-HD Display

With 4K HDR, the Mi TV 4X conserves color quality and vibrancy
with deep contrast and impressive brightness.

Mi TV 4X 43


Mi TV 4X 43

4K without HDR

Dolby™+ DTS-HD®

The Dolby™+ DTS-HD® technology featured on the Mi TV 4X delivers rich
sound to complement the sharp images.

Mi TV 4X 43
Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43
Mi TV 4X 43

Powerful 20W

Powerful room-filling sound for the complete
entertainment experience.

10W x 2

Mi TV 4X 43

PatchWall with a massive content catalog

Extensive selection of
4K titles

The new and improved PatchWall comes with plenty of content options for the
entire family. The new exciting lineup of content partners include Amazon Prime Video,
Netflix, YouTube, Hungama and more.

Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43

Compatible with PatchWall, one
TV meets the viewing needs of
the whole family

Compatible with PatchWall, one
TV meets the viewing needs of
the whole family

*Hostart does not have 4k content

And more

Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43 Mi TV 4X 43

Subscriptions/charges may be required for certain content.

Top Features

All new UI enhancements, cleaner animation, a new font and horizontal
scrolling that makes content discovery and navigation intuitive.

Mi TV 4X 43

Sports Page Powered
by Hotstar

One-click play experience

Horizontal Scroll

Easy content discovery
and navigation

Smart Curation

Find trending and
relevant content on

Mi TV 4X 43
Mi TV 4X 43

Universal Search

Search for content across all
OTT apps on PatchWall.
Access content with a
single click

Mi TV 4X 43

The Mi TV 4X ships with the latest edition of Android Pie 9.0. This operating system
comes with quality enhancements in terms of navigation, a pleasing visual interface and
simplified controls.

Data Saver

Stream movies on your TV instead of
your phone with the Data Saver mode.
This key improvement on the Mi TV 4X
allows you to watch 3 times more video
content without worrying about data.
What's more you can even view the
media on your phone on your TV.

Mi TV 4X 43


This Android TV comes with
Google Assistant, that allows
you to perform a number of
tasks with simply your voice.





Mi TV 4X 43


Flagship Grade Processor

Quad-core A53

8GB Storage

Multiple ports

Mi TV 4X 43

remote control

The ergonomic all-new Mi Remote is your gateway to a world of entertainment
with direct access to your favourite content providers and the Google Assistant
button for seamless voice control.

Mi TV 4X 43

Bluetooth 4.2

Mi TV 4X 43

2.4GHz / 5GHz

table-top and
wall mounting

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Mi TV 4X 108cm (43)

Get a stellar visual experience on the Mi TV 4X 43.
The Mi TV 4X 43 features a 4K HDR 10-bit display that provides an incredible level of detail and color fidelity for truly entertaining viewing. The 20W speakers Dolby™+ DTS-HD® delivers room-filling sound to complete the spectacle. Exciting binge-worthy content comes to the improved PatchWall with the addition of 4K content.


- 4K Ultra-HD display for richly detailed viewing experience
- Equipped with Dolby™+ DTS-HD® audio technology, clear sonorous sound is always delivered
- PatchWall comes with a choice of all-new exciting content partners including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hungama and 15 others
- What makes this TV truly smart is the addition of Android TV™ + Google Assistant that allows you to play content, find answers and more
- Data Saver mode allows you to stream up to 3 times more video content, see the media from your phone on your TV and stream content with ease

Enjoy your media a little more on the Mi TV 4X 43!

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