• 1. How can I get Demo and Installation for my Mi Smart Water Purifier?

    Use one of the below options to book an appointment to have Mi Smart Water Purifier installed:
    a. Scan the QR code on the orange sticker outside the box and fill in all required details
    b. Go to https://miservicemanager.mi.com/customer.html
    and follow the process to book your appointment.
  • 2. What is TDS, what does the value mean?

    TDS is the abbreviation of Total Dissolved Solids, it shows how many soluble solids are dissolved in the water and can be measured in milligrams/liters (mg/L) or PPM.

    TDS includes non-volatile soluble salts, organic compounds and insoluble particles that can pass through the filter. Soluble salts of calcium and magnesium ions are the main composition of TDS.
    Generally, the lower the TDS value, the less soluble solids in water, the more pure the water quality is. TDS will reduce after filtration through the Reverse Osmosis filter.

    The difference of TDS between tap water and pure water reflects the filtering effect of water purifier.


  • 3. What does recovery ratio mean during RO water purification process in Mi Water Purifier?

    The recovery ratio refers to the proportion of pure water and waste water produced during the operation of the water purifier. The Mi Smart Water Purifier is designed to recover ≤ 33% under standard test conditions, i.e. water temperature 25°C and water pressure 0.2 MPa.

    Recovery ratio is usually expressed as the ratio of pure water to wastewater.
    According to the recovery rate, the ratio of pure water and wastewater is about 1:2 which means for every 1 liter of drinking water there will be 2 liters of waste water.

  • 4. How often should the Mi Water Purifier filter be replaced?

    PPC filter : Up to 1 year ‘or’ 10000L of tap water
    RO filter : Up to 1 year ‘or’ 3600L of pure water
    PAC filter : Up to 1 year ‘or’ 3600L of pure water

    Filter life is completely dependent on input water condition as mentioned below:

    Water Pressure : 0.03- 0.4 MPa
    TDS : <2000 mg/L
    Hardness : <500mg/L
    Turbidity : <10 NTU
    Chlorine : <1mg/L
    pH range : 6.5-8.5
    Iron Content : <0.3mg/L

  • 5. Will long-term consumption of Mi RO purified water affect mineral levels in human body?

    RO Purified water is safe and hygienic water. Long-term consumption will not affect mineral levels. Water is not the main source for human body to get minerals. Human body gets all essential minerals by eating vegetables, fruits and food.
  • 6. Will the taste be affected by the purification process in Mi Water Purifier?

    The TDS reduction capacity of Mi Smart Water Purifier is up to 90% (As per standard lab test conditions), TDS reduction is totally dependent upon input water quality, which causes the taste difference.

    • If input water TDS is ≤ 300, then TDS reduction can be more than 90% and taste can be flat/dilute.
    • If input water TDS is ≥ 1500, then TDS reduction will be up to 90% and taste may feel bitter/salty.

    This water is completely safe to drink.
    Taste difference can also be felt temporarily if already using bottled water / other water sources.
  • 7. Is there any pre-filter provided with Mi Smart Water Purifier?

    There is No Pre-filter provided with Mi Smart Water Purifier in box. However, we understand that in some conditions, customer may need to install a pre-filter to enhance the life of existing filters.
    The pre-filter and other accessories can be bought (cost to be borne by the customer) during Installation / post Installation by authorized service engineer or by reaching out to Xiaomi customer support team.

    1. Mi Pre Filter Housing @ ₹599
    2. Mi Spun Filter @ ₹149
    3. Mi Three Way Valve @ ₹299
  • 8. What is the warranty on the Mi Smart Water Purifier and filters?

    Water Purifier – 1 Year (Covers manufacturing related defects)
    Filter (PPC/RO/PAC) – No Warranty
    Pre filter – No Warranty
    Spun filter – No Warranty
    3 Way Valve – No Warranty
  • 9. Why is the UV LED light placed in the tank of Mi Water Purifier?

    The UV LED kills micro-organisms, if present in water to ensure that drinking water is safe.
    It turns ON whenever the Purifier starts purification.

    It also turns ON every 4 hrs. for 25 minutes, to disinfect the stored water and ensures that you get safe drinking water all the time.
  • 10. What does the “Filter is flushing” metric mean on the app of Mi Water Purifier?

    This metric refers to the process by which filters flush before delivering pure water. Generally it will show only during installation ‘or’ when the new filter is installed/ replaced.
    It is recommended not to drink the water when it shows “filter is flushing” in app “or” till initial 2 full tanks. Water is drinkable when the tank gets filled up for the third time.
    Note: During replacement of filters, PPC & PAC filter has to be rinsed for at least 5 minutes and RO filter has to be rinsed for at least first tank fill.
    At that time, you can observe “Filter is flushing” notification in the App. Once rinsing is done ‘or’ “Filter is flushing” notification is gone, drain all stored water from the tank. Water post this process can be used for drinking.
  • 11. When Output TDS is very low, is it safe to drink?

    The TDS reduction capacity of Mi Smart Water Purifier is up to 90% (As per standard lab test conditions). TDS reduction will increase if input water quality is very good because of which in low TDS regions, input TDS can reduce up to 90-99%.

    As per WHO, up to 300ppm TDS water is deemed excellent for drinking. Please follow below chart for more details.
    It is completely safe to drink water with low TDS though you might find some change in taste of water.

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