Name : Mi Smart Water Purifier ( RO+UV)
Model : MRB13
Product Dimensions : 30cm x 20.7cm x 52.3cm
Scope of Use : Local tap water
Applicable Water Temperature : 5°C to 38°C
Wi-Fi Connection : Yes
Purified Water Flow Rate : 0.13L/min.*
TDS Reduction : Up to 90%*
Input Water Condition
Water Pressure : 0.03–0.4MPa
TDS : <2000mg/L
Hardness : <500mg/L
Turbidity : <10NTU
Chlorine : <1mg/L
pH range : 6.5-8.5
Iron Content : <0.3mg/L
Rated Voltage : 220–240 V~
Rated Frequency : 50Hz
Rated Power : 42W
Anti-shock Protection Type : Class II
Net Weight : 6.7kg


· Purified water flow rate and TDS reduction is completely dependant upon the Input water condition.

· Filter life is defined as per standard lab test condition.

· Please replace filters periodically according to the notifications.

· The three filters can be replaced simultaneously or separately, according to the purifier's actual use.

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