• 1.How can I get Demo and Installation for my Mi TV 4C 43?

    a. To get the Demo and Installation for your Mi LED TV 4C 43 you can call our customer service Toll free number 1800 103 6286 and raise the installation/demo request or you can click on this link: https://mi.hatetowaitapp.com/tv/installation
    Please Note: Installation & Demo within the first 15 days of purchase will be free of cost and after this period customer has to pay for the installation. This is applicable only for one visit of Ins1tallation & Demo in the first 15 days.
  • 2.What are the pre-installed apps in Mi TV 4C 43?

    a. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Miracast, Media player, Gallery, TV Manager, YouTube, Play Movies, YouTube Music, Play Store are pre-installed on the Mi LED TV 4C 43.
  • 3.Which app store can I use to install apps in Mi TV 4C 43?

    Mi TV 4C 43 series comes with Google’s Play Store. You can find TV apps in the play store. These apps are specially made for TV.
  • 4.Does Mi TV 4C 43 have Chromecast option?

    Yes, Mi LED TV 4C 43 has built-in Chromecast. You can also mirror your screen by using the Google Home App.
  • 5.How does Vivid Picture Engine work?

    Our Proprietary VPE Algorithm dynamically selects the right parameters for colour, contrast, brightness and clarity to bring true to life visuals.
  • 6.What are the different sound and picture modes available on the Mi LED TV 4C 43?

    a. The Mi LED TV 4C 43 has the following
    a. Pre-set Picture modes: Standard, Vivid, Sport, Movie, Game and Monitor.
    b. Pre-set Sound Modes: Standard, Movie, Game and News. Users can also customize the audio parameters.
  • 7.How does Universal search work on PatchWall in Mi TV 4C 43?

    a. With Universal Search, users can search across 30 content partners and find their favorite movies, TV shows and other media content on PatchWall on the Mi LED TV 4C 43.
  • 8.What is the User Centre on PatchWall for the Mi TV 4C 43?

    a. The User Centre on the Mi LED TV 4C 43 has access to all your apps, subscription offers, upcoming movies, TV shows, trailers and more.
  • 9.How does Kids Mode work on PatchWall in the Mi LED TV 4C 43?

    a. With Kids Mode on, PatchWall restricts content that is not appropriate for kids across multiple apps & showcases only the kids-friendly content. Also, it offers features like Parental Lock, Safe Universal Search, Smart Curation and Free Educational Content.
  • 10.How to use the Mi Home app on Mi TV 4C 43?

    a. First login to your Mi Account from PatchWall home page, follow below steps
    Go to PatchWall home-screen > Settings > Mi Account > Sign in > Open the URL link visible on the screen on your phone or computer and enter the activation code
    b. Now go to User Center to install Mi Home app, follow below steps
    Go to User center > Under More services > Select Mi Home > Tap “Agree” on Privacy Policy to install the app.
  • 11.What is the sound output of Mi LED TV 4C 43?

    Mi LED TV 4C 43 comes with 20W Sound output with codec support of DTS-HD
  • 12.What is new in PatchWall 4?

    The latest PatchWall redefines content discovery and consumption. It comes with access to 30 OTT apps, has IMDB ratings integrated on all details pages, new content partners including Lionsgate Play and Chaupal and a snappier and better looking UI.
  • 13.What is PatchWall with IMDb integration?

    a. PatchWall is a content-first platform that ensures your search, access and experience of content is seamless. This smart TV is integrated with ratings from IMDb for movies and TV Shows helps you decide what to watch in an instant. Discover IMDb top rated movies, shows from the PatchWall home-screen, IMDb ratings on details pages across 25 OTT apps and discover artist, directors and genre based collections from PatchWall directly. All this before entering content apps!
  • 14.What other features are available on PatchWall of the Mi LED TV 4C 43?

    a. PatchWall 4 has smartly curated lists such as India Top 10 showcasing top content across all OTT apps daily, It also has Collections and Celebrity Watchlist which shows movies and shows recommended by celebrities. This helps users discover content directly from PatchWall without opening different apps.
  • 15.What is the size of RAM and Storage in the Mi LED TV 4C 43?

    a. Mi LED TV 4C 43 has 1GB RAM and 8GB storage.