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Mi Water Purifier

Large 400 gallon flow, RO purified water

  • Reverse osmosis (RO) purification
  • As pure as bottled water
  • 8x filtration speed
  • Real-time TDS water quality monitoring

Is it safe to drink tap water?

Tap water contains substances and impurities that
cannot be removed even after boiling

Heavy metals
Inorganic matter

Every home needs an effective water purifier

Ultra-fine RO filtration

Filter materials sourced from Dow/GE

Clean, drinking water at home begins with Reverse Osmosis (RO). Unlike typical water filters, RO has an ultra-fine 0.0001-micron filtration that removes bacteria, antibiotics and heavy metals. Mi Water Purifier has four filtration layers in total to provide thorough cleansing. It does not have a storage tank to keep purified water to avoid bacteria growth and secondary contamination. The result is like drinking bottled water, only from your tap.

  • 0.0001 micron
    Precision filter
  • 400gallon
    High-flux membrane

Technical specs will remain constant, even though suppliers may change.

Drink clean

Effectively removes sediments, limescale deposit, bacteria and heavy metals.

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Antibiotics
  • Heavy metals
  • Inorganic matter
  • Organic matter
    Molecular weight larger than 100μm
  • Micro-filtration

    Filter precision 0.1 - 1μm

    Worm eggs
    Typical water purifiers
  • Ultra-filtration

    Filter precision 0.01 - 0.1μm

    Typical water purifiers
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)

    Filter precision 0.0001 - 0.001μm

    Heavy metals
    Organic matter
    Inorganic matter
    Mi Water Purifier

As pure as bottled water

  • Up to
    Bacteria filtration
  • Up to
    Organic matter filtration
  • Up to
    Heavy metal filtration
  • Up to
    Antibiotic filtration

According to test results from China CDC's Institute of Environmental Health and Related Product Safety/ Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology/Guangzhou Analytical & Testing Center

High-flux 400 gallon flow,
8x faster filtration speed

Most water purifiers use storage tanks as a solution to slow flow rates, but often these tanks cannot be cleaned and act as a breeding ground for bacteria. To prevent this from happening, Mi Water Purifier has been creatively engineered to have a high-flux flow without using a storage tank. First, we improved the RO filter design to accomodate multiple water channels instead of one, increasing filtration area and efficiency. Next, a booster pump sustains a high-flux flow. Lastly, we increased filtration efficiency by to up 8 times, so you can enjoy fresh, pure water right from the tap.

  • 50%
    Water production rate
  • 1.0 L/min
    Filtration speed
  • 4x
    Filtration area

*Note: Water production rate and filtration speed are affected by water temperature, water quality and water pressure. The above data was obtained under 25°C water temperature and 0.2MPa water pressure test conditions.

  • 4x filtration area, multiple filtration channels

    Unlike conventional filters, Mi Water Purifier uses 4-5 RO filtration membranes instead of just one. Larger membranes are also used to improve filtration efficiency.

  • High-flux booster pump

    Capable of 100,000 start-stops and 2000 hours of continuous operation. Provides pressure for tap water to pass through the RO membrane.

Water quality monitoring in real time

Connect Mi Water Purifier with your phone via Wi-Fi, so you always know the TDS value and water quality status of your home. The phone app also alerts you when filters need to be changed. It calculates filter lifespan precisely by analyzing your water quality and frequency of use. This is vastly different from typical water purifiers, which estimate filter replacement dates. Mi Water Purifier also has an independent automatic detection module that checks on each of its 23 core components so you can troubleshoot issues easily.

Compact on the countertop

Smaller base area than an A4 paper, installs in 5 minutes

Installing water purifiers can be complicated and overwhelming. Which is why we challenged our engineers to create a simple, compact purifier that looks beautiful on any counter top and installs easily, without extensive changes to your kitchen. As a result, Mi Water Purifier is extremely compact and has a base area smaller than an A4 paper - even smaller than some electric cookers. It's simple to use and takes a few minutes to unbox and set up. Comes with 6 different adapters that fit most tap heads.