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Design Your Own Xiaomi Eco Bag for Earth Day

TRUSTe Hi Xiaomi Fans!

Today is Earth Day! The first Earth Day took place in 1970. Outraged by oil spills, smog and polluted rivers, 20 million people took to the streets, protesting what they recognized as an environmental crisis. It was the planet’s largest civic event at the time and the day continues to hold great significance now. Since then, more and more companies have paid attention to environmental issues. Xiaomi has designed an eco bag made of Tyvek material, which is a 100% recyclable eco-friendly material, and Xiaomi has always adhered to the concept of eco-friendly design.

Now’s your chance! You can go ahead and start your very own personalized Xiaomi Eco Bag. “Design Together” is the right stage for your talents to display!

How it works

1.Download the template (including the official font) here.
2.The design should be created based on the template provided above.
3.Attach the patterns and elements you think most relate to the “Better Together” and "Earth Day" themes, to the template.
4.The color of the Eco Bag template is not restricted to only one given color. You can change it based on your specific design.
5.Participants should keep bitmap source files or vector files with 300dpi resolution that can be used for printing production, and pay attention to independent layering of elements as much as possible for later editing.
6.Save your design and submit it by April 29.
7.Wait for the evaluation from Xiaomi Community team members, we shall decide the best ones to enter the final selection.

Contest Period: Design submissions are accepted from April 22 to April 29.
Selection period: April 30-May 6
Announcement: May 7th.

How to submit

Send an email titled: "#YourName#Eco Bag Design, mi.com" with your design to siwen@xiaomi.com

Contest Rules:

1.All the designs should be in the form of an art doodle and not a pure image.
2.The submitted designs must be original and copyright free. They must not have been used commercially or authorized by others. They cannot be copied or plagiarized.
3.In case you have used any copyrighted elements in the submitted design you must own the rights license to use at the time of submission and have to submit the proof of legal purchase when asked during auditing.
4.There is no limit to the number of Eco Bag designs submitted by each participant.

Judging criteria

Xiaomi Community will evaluate all the designs based on:
1.Close to the theme: “Better Together” and "Earth Day"
2.Aesthetic design
3.Fit for Xiaomi Fans Identity


Join the discussion in the comments or use #Earth Day can earn an Earth Day medal. Each winner will have the decorated bag with his/her own design.