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Redmi Note 5APrime

16MP front camera with Selfie-light

LED Selfie-light | Fingerprint sensor | Dedicated microSD card slot
Snapdragon 435 octa-core processor

16MP front camera
Effortlessly gorgeous selfies

Up your selfie game with the 16MP front
facing selfie camera which lets you capture
sharper and more vibrant self-portraits, and
Beautify 3.0 enhances your natural beauty
while preserving original facial details every

Soft-toned Selfie-light
Adjust skin tones, highlight eyes

Take perfectly lit selfies, even under low light

  • 16MP front camera
    Captures more image information
  • Soft-toned light
    Adjusts complexion
  • Soft-toned light
    Highlights eyes
  • 36 smart beauty profiles
    Accentuates natural beauty
  • 36 smart Beautify profiles
    Creates a youthful appearance
* The above is an sample case that will vary slightly based on ambient light

Large 5.5" HD display

Redmi Note 5A Prime lets you see more and do more, thanks to the large 5.5” HD display.
It is the perfect media consumption device that sits comfortably in one hand.

3080mAh long-life battery
Up to 10 days standby time

The Redmi Note 5 Prime is pptimized for longer battery lifespan.
It is powered by a large-capacity 3080mAh battery,
and coupled with system-level MIUI optimisations,
it offers up to 10 hours of video playback, 12 hours gaming,
and 21 hours of reading.

Snapdragon octa-core processor
Smooth and seamless gaming experience

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 octa-core processor
ensures quick and smooth performance,
even when you're playing visually-intensive games.

Thin, durable body

Redmi Note 5A Prime takes on a metallic and stylish appearance
while remaining extremely lightweight at a mere 153g.
It is available in Rose Gold, Gold, and Dark grey colors.

Dual SIM + microSD expansion
Up to 128GB

Supports simultaneous use of two SIM cards for data
and phone calls and a microSD card for data storage.

Fingerprint sensor enhances security

Securely lock your phone and sensitive files - and unlock them
at the touch of your fingertips

MIUI 9 Lightning fast

MIUI 9 is loaded with system-level customizations
and optimizations for performance and battery life.
Experience more, and experience it faster.
* MIUI 9 expected to be available on Redmi Note 5A Prime
in November 2017
5.5" HD display
One-handed operation
16MP front camera
Ultra-high resolution
Soft-toned Selfie-light
Simulates effects of natural lighting
Octa-core processor
Qualcomm Snapdragon 435
3080mAh battery
Long battery life
Fingerprint sensor
Unlocks your phone fast
3080mAh 电量指典型容量。450nit 为屏幕最高亮度。所有测试条件根据实际项目,除音乐外,其他为亮屏测试,网络根据需要开启。非特别指出,均为我司实验室数据、设计技术参数及供应商提供数据。全站所展示结构图片,均为功能示意图,并非绝对实际结构,最终以实物为准。MIUI 闪电版、传送门功能、信息助手功能、照片搜索功能、分屏功能及 MIUI 去人去线功能,由于技术条件、开发进度等有所差异,以产品完成测试时间为准。正式支持机型将通过 MIUI 官方网站(www.miui.com)公布。具体配置参数会因手机版本不同存在差异。非特别指出,均为我司实验室数据、设计技术参数及供应商提供数据。全站数据实际情况会因测试软件版本、具体测试环境、具体版本不同,而略有差异。8月底可通过开发版升级至MIUI 9。