Xiaomi Watch S1 Strap Leather

Watch S1 Strap
Extraordinary inside and out

Calfskin leather | Natural texture | One-piece cut
Classic and stylish colour schemeThe exquisite leather coupled with mature and sophisticated colors perfectly demonstrate your classiness.
Suitable for any occasionThe leather is tanned inside and out, embodying high quality. Wear it on formal occasions to look the part, or on a daily basis to enhance your sophisticated look.
Distinctive leather standing out on your wristUnique natural patterns, natural glossy shine and a calm colour scheme with comfort and durability so that you can show your taste.
Premium quality one-piece strapMade from whole full-grain calf leather, cut in one piece with precision craftsmanship.
Dress for success, look your bestWith its luxurious feel and simple design, you will be enchanted from the first glance. Quick and easy to slip on and off.
Expert craftsmanship, all-round exquisiteness
Stainless steel buckleExquisite and durable, you can take it anywhere.
Switch-lug strap designThe strap can be easily removed and changed to suit any need.
Calfskin leatherNatural, fine and shiny texture.
Notes:*Daily use. Do not wear the strap too loosely, to prevent it from sliding and rubbing against the skin, or too tightly, as this may cause irritation and itchiness due to the skin being unable to breathe. Remove the watch after wearing continuously for an extended period, to allow your wrist to rest for a while. After high-intensity training, clean your wrist and the watch strap as soon as possible so as to avoid sweat residue and skin irritation.*Due to the natural properties of leather straps, they are not suitable for use in settings where there is lots of contact with water or sweat, such as swimming.*The images on this page are for reference only; the actual colour and details of the straps may vary.