Xiaomi Watch S1 Active Strap

Watch S1 Active Strap
Sit elegantly on your wrist to give you that added flareMade of skin-friendly materials available in an array of colours

Switch up the straps for a vibrant lookStand out from the crowdBoasting a lightweight and skin-friendly design, it is also easy to clean.
Turn heads with immediately noticeable and beautiful colour pairings
Experience what it feels like to wear the best of the bestComfortable and lightweight all around, this strap is designed to seamlessly follow the shape of the wrist instead of sticking to it, so that you'll often forget you're even wearing it, even when you sweat.
Porous and breathable design
Air circulation is a breeze with this porous design, which helps wick away sweat from sports and daily activities, freeing you from that familiar sticky feeling.
Suitable for daily wearMultiple buckle designs make this strap an all-rounder. Regardless of whether you're engaging in sports or lounging at home, the double circle buckle design is sure to keep your watch secure.
Beautiful colours and easy to cleanDirt-resistant, easy to clean, and featuring natural colours, this strap looks like new no matter how long you use it.
Stable and durableStretch it, twist it, press it - the crack-resistant high elasticity material makes it easy to take on and off.
Switch-lug strap designEasily assemble and disassemble in the blink of an eye.
Stainless Steel BuckleExquisite and durable, it is sure to hold up through rain or shine.
*Daily use: To prevent the strap from sliding and rubbing against the skin, please do not wear it too loosely. Do not wear it too tightly either, as this will cause irritation such as itching due to the skin being unable to breath. Remove the watch after prolonged continuous wear to allow the wrist to rest. Please clean your wrist and watch strap as soon as possible after high-intensity training so as to avoid sweat residue and skin irritation. Please use clean water to wash the watch strap as soon as possible after swimming; wear it again after drying.*The images on this page are for reference only; the actual colour and details of the straps may vary.