Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Unlock quantum immersion

Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Ultra HD 4K QLED
vibrant color display
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Premium aluminium-alloy frame
bezel-less design
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Incredible immersion with
Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Control you TV using only your voice.
Just ask Google.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Quantum dot display
Excellent color performance
Equipped with the cutting-edge quantum dot display technology, Xiaomi TV Q2 brings colors to life. With wider color gamut coverage and 1 billion color display, you can enjoy the breathtaking picture quality right from the comfort of your living room.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 651.07 billion colors*Xiaomi Tv Q2 65DCI-P3 92%*
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
4K ultra high-resolution image quality
More detailed images
With 3840 × 2160 pixel clarity, even the smallest details look amazing*.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
MEMC technology
Fantastic in every frame
Low frame rate content can be intelligently upgraded to a high frame rate, optimising the picture in real time to perfectly capture every frame of moving images, for a smoother, clearer result when watching fast-paced scenes.
Dolby Vision IQ
Perfect picture in your room at every moment
Dolby Vision IQ uses Dolby Vision metadata and the ambient light sensor inside your TV to intelligently display every detail and dynamically adjusts to the changing light in the room and the type of content being played back, while maximizing the full capabilities of the device, so that you’ll see incredible brightness, contrast, and color perfectly optimized for every moment.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
2 × 15W high power
2 × 15W high power
Rock your living room
The full range powerful speakers deliver excellent performance at both high and low frequencies, yielding brighter and fuller audio that will make your whole living room rock.
Full range speakers
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Cinematic immersive audio experience
With support for both Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® technology, you can enjoy a cinematic immersive audio experience right from the comfort of your living room*.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Entertainment you love, with a little help from Google
Google TV™ brings together movies, shows, and more from across your apps and subscriptions and organizes them just for you. Discover new things to watch with recommendations based on what you watch and what interests you, from across your subscriptions and content available to you.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Do more on your TV with your voice
Your TV is more helpful than ever. Ask Google to find movies, stream apps, play music, and control the TV - all with your voice. Even get answers, control smart home devices, and more. Just say "Ok Google" or press the Google Assistant button on the remote to get started.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
360° Bluetooth remote control
More controllable
The Bluetooth remote control works at a distance of up to 10m when pointed in almost any direction, with no blind spots. The shortcut buttons enable you to access your favourite content instantly.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Bezel-less design
Limitless vision
The bevel-less design has an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio. When the display is on, you can hardly perceive the boundaries of the image, while the wider display area makes for more immersive viewing.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Aluminium-alloy frame
Brings premium-ness to your home
With a sandblasted aluminium frame, unibody back panel and load-balancing metal base, this is a stylish television set that you will never get tired of watching.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Metal frame
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Metal base
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Powerful processor
Accelerated experience
The quad-core A55 CPU delivers more flexible computing performance, while the large 2GB+16GB memory enables you to download all your favourite apps and enjoy a smoother experience. Equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 technology for faster data transfer and more stable connection.
Quad-core CPU
Bluetooth 5.0
More stable data transfer
Dual-band Wi-Fi
Faster and more stable Internet
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Stream from your device
The Xiaomi TV Q2 Series includes Chromecast built-in™ and Miracast. Easily cast movies, shows, photos, and more from your phone right to your TV*.
*Casting optimized for selected services only.
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Plenty of ports
A TV that meets different needs
Equipped with the most common interfaces and wired network ports, providing limitless expansion possibilities. Easily connect to a variety of devices to satisfy all your audio, video and entertainment needs on one screen*.
*Vary by markets
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
HDMI × 3
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
USB × 2
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
AV Input
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
Xiaomi Tv Q2 65
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*1.07 billion colors achieved through 8-bit + FRC (Frame Rate Conversion) technology.
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