Xiaomi TV Max 86"

Xiaomi Tv Max 86Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Maximize your view

Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Powerful performance
86" screen with premium bezel-less design
Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos
Smart TV powered by Android TV™
Full array local dimming
4K ultra HD display with 120Hz refresh rate
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Ultra-large 86" display
Here comes the "Max"
Xiaomi TV Max 86" features ultra-large 86" and full-screen display, ultra-high screen-to-body ratio, wide viewing area and 4K ultra HD resolution, bringing you a cinematic experience at home.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Dual 120Hz
For a refreshing viewing experience
120Hz ultra-high refresh rate coupled with 4K 120Hz MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) technology enables millisecond-level frame interpolation, delivering stutter-free images of high-speed scenes. Your viewing experience is greatly improved whether you watch a sporting event, an action film or play a competitive video game.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Full-Array Local dimming
Stunning contrast
The Full-Array Local dimming backlighting system has multiple zones, which allows the large display to have better control over light and shade, rendering images with more layers.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
1.07 billion colors*
DCI-P3 restores the true colour of films
Adopting the cinema-level DCI-P3 wide color gamut, Xiaomi TV Max 86" can rendering accurate colors just as the film director intended. With 1.07 billion color depth, the image looks smoother than ever between color transitions.
1.07 billion colors
90% DCI-P3
Xiaomi Tv Max 86Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
HDMI 2.1
Smooth video gaming experience
With the new HDMI 2.1 port, you can connect your TV to the game consoles for a 4K 120Hz ultra-high quality transmission of images. Featured by low latency and high-speed response, the TV brings additional fun to the family.
Dolby Vision IQ
Smart dynamic HDR
Dolby Vision HDR transforms your TV experience with an ultra vivid picture that brings entertainment to life, and with Dolby Vision IQ, it leverages the full intelligence of your TV to deliver a perfect picture in your room at every moment.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Speaker system with 4 drivers
Superior audio experience
The speaker system with 4 drivers and air-duct bass boost design make sounds played out from the TV richer and more powerful, providing more immersive audio experience.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
The Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology not only reflects the details of sound, but also produces three-dimensional sound with an overhead dimension, creating more immersive and richer sound effects for you.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Strong performance
Fast processing
The TV has a powerful quad-core A73 CPU and 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, which can process multiple tasks simultaneously and high-frame-rate images with ease.
3GB + 32GB
Quad-core CPU
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Wi-Fi 6
For next generation network connections
The TV is among the first to support the next-generation Wi-Fi 6, or IEEE P 802.11ax protocol. With the higher network bandwidth, the TV can significantly increase the transmission efficiency and network environment*.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Android TV™ 11
Rich content and application
Feel free to pick your favourites from more than 400,000 films and TV shows* or download from over 7,000 apps and games available in the Google play* store. The TV can also play online videos from multiple streaming media platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Google Assistant*
Easy Voice control
You can use Google Voice Assistant to control your lifestyle. Search for movies, ask specific questions, check the weather, all in control with your words within a up to a three-meter range
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
360° Bluetooth remote control
Control the TV more freely
It also has a one-button access to Netflix and Prime video, so that your favorite contents are just one click away.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Wireless screencast
Big screen for a better viewing experience
Chromecast Built-in™* and Miracast make it easier to cast the content in smart devices on the TV, instantly viewing it on a big screen to meet your business or entertainment needs.
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Metallic design
High quality and exquisite
The anodised aluminium alloy frame and the all-metal stand demonstrate the craft aesthetics of Max 86".
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Metallic frame
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Metal base
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Xiaomi Tv Max 86Xiaomi Tv Max 86
Versatile port
A magical connection to the big screen
Xiaomi Tv Max 86Xiaomi Tv Max 86Xiaomi Tv Max 86
3.5mm headphone jack
Xiaomi Tv Max 86Xiaomi Tv Max 86Xiaomi Tv Max 86
AV Input
Xiaomi Tv Max 86
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