Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure

Xiaomi Smart Laser MeasureSmart Laser Measure
Easy measurement anytime and anywhereOne-tap real-time measurement | 3mm high precisionIntelligent real-life measurement | Synchronous storage of data

high precision measurement*
smart measurement functions in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
measurements when fully charged*
industrial grade durability tests
Real time ranging to measure wherever you wantAfter a brief press to emit the laser, the length can be read in real time. The measure adoptes a precise and stable Class II laser*, which reaches the distance as close as 5cm and as far as 40m. Measure anything anytime.
Dual-emission with single receiverMillimetre-level measurement precisionEquipped with a dual-emission single-receiving laser head. The complex procedures of Laser emission > Calibration > Data Display can be completed instantly. Data precision drops within ±3mm.
Xiaomi Smart Laser MeasureDual-emission single-receiving
Xiaomi Smart Laser Measure±3mm laser precision*
Quick measurement with one hand in different scenariosFrom large areas like a new home or a warehouse, to the door and window sizes, you can tap to see the results on the measure immediately.
House ranging
Furnishing measurement
Furniture measurement
Decoration ranging
Expand the functions via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app By connecting a smartphone via Bluetooth, you can link the laser measure with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to realise more functions such as data synchronisation/remarks, length/area/volume calculation, floor plan mapping, map sharing, and effect viewing.*The Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app connected to the measure should be version 6.9.200 or higher. If the version is outdated, please upgrade it before use.
Floor plan with real-time mapping and surveyingYou can draw the floor plan directly in Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app or draw and measure with photos. The measured data will be automatically marked to the selected line, and the app will intelligently adjust the line based on the data marked.
Remote control measurement with your smartphoneYour smartphone can be used as "a remote control for measuring distance" to remotely control the measure. It does a great help when the measure must be placed at a fixed point or cannot be meaure the super smooth plane, a narrow gap and or the vertical distance.
Easy calculation of area/volume/length You can flexibly select existing length, width, and height data for the area and volume calculation, or simply add or subtract to calculate the length. Multidimensional scales are at hand.
Preview with home appliance recommendationsThe innovative "See the Effect" function can intelligently recommend suitable home appliances according to the room size and display the effect in real scenes.
Single button designEasy to operate with one button onlyIt only has one control button. Long press 2 seconds to start, short press to measure, and double tap to switch the front and back benchmarks. The single-button design makes it easy for you.
Xiaomi Smart Laser MeasureLong press 2 seconds to turn on/off
Xiaomi Smart Laser MeasureShort press to start/end recording measurement data
Xiaomi Smart Laser MeasureDouble tap to switch the front and back benchmarks
High brightness LCD displayClear and easyWith the high brightness LCD display, the current measurement data, historical measurement data, measurement benchmark, measurement unit, battery status, and Bluetooth connection status are clear at a glance.
Measurement benchmark/laser emission promptBluetooth connection statusBattery statusHistorical measurement dataCurrent measurement dataMeasurement unit (m)
Dual matte finishWear and scratch resistanceLightweight aluminium alloy with high-strength engineering plastics create a delicate matte appearance. Delicate matte texture surface with comfortable touch
Wireless lithium batteryType-C port for easy charging Long-lasting battery life370mAh high-capacity lithium battery for measuring 3000 sets of data at full charge. Type-C charging port can share charger cable with other electronic devices like smartphone.
Notes:*±3mm high-precision measurement: The measurement accuracy data is related to the actual measurement distance and can be calculated by the formula ±(3mm + 5 x 10 - 5 D*).*The minimum of measurement range needs to be measured by the front-end benchmark.*After fully charged, use the key tester to perform the "turn on + laser emission + measurement data + turn off" actions every 10 seconds, until there is no electricity. It can be cyclically tested 3000 times*The Class II laser has slight radiation and will not cause permanent damage to the retina of the eyes, but please do not look directly into the beam.*"D" represents the actual distance, indoor standard reflective surface environment. The measurement results may be inaccurate in harsh environments, such as strong sunlight, excessive environmental temperature fluctuation, weak reflection effect, and low battery power. In such cases, it is better to use the target reflector. There are other conditions that affect the measurement: the objective lens or laser tube is blocked by foreign objects; the measurement target is unclear, such as water glass and mirror; the laser jitters during measurement.*All data referred to on this page, unless otherwise specified, is from the HOTO Laboratory. Data may vary or be inaccurate due to differences in the objective environment and other factors.