Xiaomi Smart Door Lock NFC Card

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Nfc CardSmart Door Lock NFC CardConvenient and safe door access card
Compact, light and thinEncryption to avoid replicationFinancial grade security chip
Can be used with the following Xiaomi Smart Door Lock series products with NFC functions
Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Nfc Card
Xiaomi Smart Door LockXiaomi Smart Door Lock 1SXiaomi Smart Door Lock ProXiaomi Smart Door Lock (Push-Pull Version)
Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Nfc Card
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockXiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock ProXiaomi Smart Door Lock XThe list is constantly being updated
*More products are coming. Please pay attention to the official website for details.
More convenient for use by the elderly and children*Children's fingerprints are shallow, while elderly people's are worn. The NFC card brings a better smart door lock experience, with quick and easy unlocking and no complicated operations.*When the door access card is used, it is recommended that the sensing distance of the NFC card should be less than 1cm away from the door lock.
Use a chip to secure your home
Financial grade security chipThe NFC card has a built-in EAL5+ financial grade security chip to ensure that your home door information can be stored safely.*The finance grade certification refers to the "Security Certificate of UnionPay Card Chip Products", certificate no. PCN-A025
One card is encrypted with one certificate to prevent replicationEach card is preset with a public key certificate, and each card number corresponds to one certificate, with encryption to prevent replication.
Lightweight and portable, minimalist designIt is only about 45mm in size and weighs a mere 4g. With the built-in strap, it can be hung on a bag or placed in a card holder. Its rounded corners make it easy to carry.
Ultrasonic process, crack resistant and durableAn ultrasonic welding process was used for scratch resistance and to prevent cracking. The door access card still looks good as new after long-term use.
If lost, the door access card can be deleted on a mobile phone*If the door access card is accidentally lost, it can be deleted online on a mobile phone, to avoid potential safety hazards.*To delete the door access card, the mobile phone needs to be directly connected with the door lock via Bluetooth;*If the door access card is deleted by mistake, it can be relinked for use.
Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Nfc Card
It only takes 3 simple steps to add and activate
Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Nfc CardEnter the door lock user management page to add the NFC device
Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Nfc CardFollow the app prompts to place the NFC card close to the identification area
Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Nfc CardActivate successfully and use it now!