Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 Plus
Robot Vacuum
Item Dimensions350×350×97 mm
Rated Voltage14.4V⎓
Rated Power75W
Net Weight3.67 kg
All-in-one Station
Item Dimensions586×427×340 mm
Rated Input220-240V~50/60Hz
Rated Output20V⎓1A
Power (during dust emptying)1000W
Power (during cleaning)30W
Power (air-drying + charging)30W
Package contents
Robot Vacuum ×1
All-in-one Station ×1
(disposable bag, clean water tank, dirty water tank, washboard base extender, washboard included)
Brush ×1
Brush Cover ×1
Dust Compartment ×1
Filter ×1(Pre-installed on the dust compartment)
Side Brush ×1
Cord Set ×1
Mop Pad Holder ×2
Mop Pad ×2(Pre-installed on the mop pad holder)
User Manual ×1