Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10C

Product specifications
NameRobotic Vacuum Cleaner
Model numberB112
Main unit dimensionsΦ325x80mm
Rated power35W
Rated voltage14.4V⎓
Charging voltage20V⎓
Battery capacity2500mAh (rated capacity)
2600mAh (nominal capacity)
Charging dock
Charging dock modelCDZB112
Rated input20V⎓ 0.6A
Rated output20V⎓ 0.6A
Product dimensions146×122×87.5mm
Package contents
Main unit ×1
Main brush ×1
(Pre-installed on main unit)
2-in-1 water tank and dust container ×1(Can be used in either vacuum or mop mode)Side brush ×1Brush cover ×1(Pre-installed on main unit)Pad ×1(Pre-installed on mop frame)Mop frame ×1Power adapter ×1Charging dock ×1Cleaning brush ×1(On the 2-in-1 water tank and dust container)User manual ×1