Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver

Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
A must-have compact electric shaver for the well-groomed man
Integrated floating dual blades | Lightweight and portable Zinc alloy magnetic tool holder | Water splash-proof

Floating dual blades
Curved blade for long hairs and an ultra-thin precision blade
Lightweight and portable
Slim, compact design with a thickness of about only 16mm
Magnetic tool holder
High-quality zinc alloy, magnetic design
Water splash-proof
IPX7 waterproof for wet and dry use
Universal port
Type-C charge, fully charge in 1 hour
High-speed motor
Fast, clean shave with fewer hair clippings
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Refine your shave with simplicity and elegance
This stylish, compact, and effective electric shaver will bring you confidence every day with a clean, smooth shave. Its small size, simple design, upgraded dual-blade system, and water splash-proof features, mean the Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver is the best partner for a well-groomed you.
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Innovative dual-blade structure for a clean and comfortable shave
Unlike the usual flat foil, our independently developed curved blade for long hairs features 0.3mm wide mesh to substantially increase the amount of hair captured. The micron-level surface polish provides increased smoothness that you can feel instantly.
The precision blade features a foil treated with electroforming. With its ultra-thinness of only 55um, it guarantees a deep-reaching shave. The polygonal structure of the foil is inspired by Voronoi. It’s not only beautiful aesthetically, it also effectively captures hairs growing in all directions, for a more efficient shave.
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
The integrated floating dual-blade system is more flexible than the traditional separate blade system, allowing the shaver head to tackle even the most complex facial contours, ensuring precision and comfort. The blade for long hairs and the precision blade perfectly complement each other to cleanly shave hairs as long as 3–5mm.
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Lightweight and portable
Boasting a slim, compact design, with a thickness of only about 16mm, the shaver slips into your pocket to be carried around wherever you go. The integrated simple design elegantly combines a glossy upper shell and a matte-finish lower shell for a look that matches any style and shows great taste.
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Water splash-proof for easy cleaning
IPX7 splash resistance to rinse directly under running water for easy cleaning and shaving. Whether your face is wet or dry, experience shaving like never before.
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Zinc alloy magnetic tool holder and shaver head with shock absorption
Enhanced convenience
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
The magnetic shaver head can be fitted in either direction and snaps into place automatically, making it easy to remove and clean. The zinc alloy tool holder features durable vacuum plating that resists corrosion. You will love its smooth texture from the moment you touch it.
The shaver head features a shock-absorbing and noise-canceling structure. The motion of the precision blade and blade for long hairs effectively reduces resonance, improving your comfort while shaving.
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Powerful and steady performance motor
With its small body and powerful core, the customized high-speed motor, features high torque and a speed of more than 6,500rpm to provide lasting and stable power.
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Type-C universal port, 3-minute fast charge Up to 60 days of daily use*
If it runs out of power, you only need to charge it for 3 minutes to get a 5-minute shave.
1 h
Full charge
3 min
Fast charge
60 min
Battery life
*Simulation based on 1-min shave per day, actual results may vary.
Xiaomi Portable Dual Blade Electric Shaver
Safety lock for increased security when you’re on the go
Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to lock or unlock the shaver. Locked on when carrying to avoid turning on by accident.
*The first time you use this product, you may experience irritation such as itching, redness or soreness. Do not apply pressure when shaving. After several consecutive uses, the skin will adapt to the new device. *For long or dense hairs, shave gently against the direction of hair growth with the U-shaped blade for long hairs in front for the best results. *The shaver’s case is made of polymer fiber material. Please avoid scraping or scratching by hard objects; do not clean it with alcohol, salt water, hot water (above 50°C), gasoline or other chemical agents. *The shaver has been tested and certified to be resistant to splash and water in specific laboratory conditions with the classification IPX7 ingress protection. Report No. 2019-SA-06116. *Charging-related data was measured using a 5V=1A power adapter in a laboratory environment. *All data from Smate Technology Laboratory unless otherwise stated. Actual performance may vary depending on differences in environment.