Xiaomi Pad 6Xiaomi Pad 6
Built for work, designed for ease

Xiaomi Pad 6
144Hz WQHD+ eye care display
Slim unibody design with metal finish
Xiaomi Pad 6
Up to 16 hours of video playback*
Powered by 33W fast charging
Xiaomi Pad 6
Snapdragon® 870
Powering flagship performance
Xiaomi Pad 6
Quad speakers for immersive stereo sound
Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos® supported
*Tested in Xiaomi Internal Labs, actual results may vary.
Xiaomi Pad 6
Flagship quality Now in your hands
Xiaomi Pad 6
Premium metal unibody design
Xiaomi Pad 6
Gravity Gray
Xiaomi Pad 6
Mist blue
Xiaomi Pad 6
Xiaomi Pad 6
Clear rear camera
Xiaomi Pad 6
6.51mm thickness
490g weight
Xiaomi Pad 6
Ultra-accurate colour display Enhance your professional creations
Xiaomi Pad 6
WQHD+ clear display
144Hz 7-level variable refresh rate
11-inch WQHD+ clear display with 309 ppi and a 144Hz 7-level variable refresh rate.
Every fine detail is brought out with an eye-catching display, allowing for even more creative expression.
*The refresh rate varies for different scenarios and switches automatically.
*MEMC: Please refer to the supported app for dynamic compensation.
Xiaomi Pad 6
11" large display
Xiaomi Pad 6
Dolby Vision®
Xiaomi Pad 6
Xiaomi Pad 6
Xiaomi Pad 6
Dynamic compensation*
Hardware low blue light to protect your eyes
Full-range DC dimming
The display supports the reading mode with TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification.
Protect your eyes with full-range DC dimming for extended viewing with peace of mind.
Reading mode
Xiaomi Pad 6
Ambient colour temperature sensing
Xiaomi Pad 6
TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification
Xiaomi Pad 6
Xiaomi Pad 6
Dolby Atmos® supported
Quad stereo speakers
Your private theatre
Xiaomi Pad 6
Xiaomi Pad 6
Powerful performance For any task, any day
Xiaomi Pad 6
Snapdragon® 870 Control in complex settings
The flagship Snapdragon® 870 Mobile Platform features powerful performance. It can easily handle and perform smoothly in large games, large-format files,
4K video editing and other high-intensity usage scenarios.
Xiaomi Pad 6
The Snapdragon® 870 Mobile Platform with LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 is powerful and fast with better performance and lower power consumption.
LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1
Xiaomi Pad 6
Xiaomi Pad 6
Exceptional power capacity and fast charging Online anytime, anywhere
Its 8840mAh (typ) high power capacity means that whether you are at home watching videos, going out to meetings, or travelling on business, it will keep you company far beyond your imagination.
Video playback
Charge to 100% in 99 minutes
26.9 days
65 hours
16 hours
23 hours
*Battery life data provided by Xiaomi Laboratory, tested at 25°C, specific data may vary according to the testing environment.
*Charging data provided by Xiaomi Laboratory, tested with 1% initial power and at 25°C, and the included 33W charger was used for testing when the display was off. Actual use may vary according to different environments.
Xiaomi Pad 6
Improve your work efficiency With a powerful wingman for work
Xiaomi Pad 6
Three-finger swipe
Quick split screen
Multi-tasking and quick split screen mode in just one step make your daily tasks convenient and efficient.
Multi-window display Up to four apps opened at the same time
Open up to four windows at the same time in the split screen mode for easy multi-tasking.
Xiaomi Pad 6
Drag and drop Share across apps
Text, images and files can be shared across apps in the multi-tasking, making daily office work more efficient. *This function is supported only by certain apps.
Xiaomi Pad 6
Video meetings enhance all-round efficiency
8MP front camera with FocusFrame
The camera's fill light function will make you shine in meetings, while the FocusFrame will keep you centered, even when you move. If someone joins or leaves, the lens viewing angle will be expanded or reduced accordingly to achieve the best angle.
Xiaomi Pad 6
Multiple sound pickup modes For different meeting needs
4-mic array directional sound pickup system. Front display 60° sound pickup for single participant.
360° audio pickup for multiple participants. Concentrate on meetings without being distracted by noise*.
Xiaomi Pad 6
Single participant
Single-direction audio pickup
Xiaomi Pad 6
Multiple participants
360° audio pickup
*The microphone position is subject to actual use, and the picture is for illustration only.
*With the noise reduction function turned off, ambient sound can be restored to a greater extent.
Everything you need, all waiting in the "Conference tools"
Open the "Conference tools" to enhance your meeting efficiency, including unlocking all kinds of features in seconds that make meetings and chats easier than ever.
*The functions included in the "Conference tools" are supported only by certain apps.
*Feature only available on certain applications. Please refer to the actual supported apps."
Xiaomi Pad 6
Unleash productivity with a good partner
Xiaomi Pad 6
High sensitivity with smooth pen strokes.
Ultra-low latency, 5g sensitive ink output
Xiaomi Pad 6
A soft nib that mimics the experience of writing on real paper.
4096-level pressure sensitivity
Xiaomi Pad 6
150 hours of battery life for fully-powered creation.
1 minute of charging for 7 hours of writing
*Charging data provided by Xiaomi Laboratory, tested with 0% initial power.
Xiaomi Pad 6
Large 64-key keyboard
Magnetic back plate to provide a stable connection
Enjoy a more productive work experience
*Only 5g activation force refers to the situation where the angle between the pen body and the display is 90°.
Xiaomi Pad 6
*The images and videos on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product. Actual UI may vary.
*Xiaomi Smart Pen (2nd generation) and Xiaomi Pad 6 Keyboard are sold separately and scheduled to be released later, availability may vary across regions.