Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone

Xiaomi Karaoke MicrophoneXiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Karaoke Microphone
Great-sounding, fun private KTV

4 core features
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
KTV-Quality Stereo Sound
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Professional Karaoke DSP Chip
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
9 Fun Sound Effects
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Extra-long 7-hour battery life
KTV-quality stereo sound
Immersive karaoke experience
Dual 5W high-power opposed speakers with dual bass passive basin four-way sound. Create an immersive karaoke experience with powerful surround sound.
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
The 16mm large-diameter cardioid pickup core provides a wider range of sound pickup dynamics. Classic optimised curve, depth and tone for better vocal performance.
Large-diameter pickup core
Full and undistorted vocals
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Create varied atmospheres
9 different sound effects for non-stop laughs
Easily switch between 9 preset sound effects, with fun monster sound effect, cute cartoon sound effect and more.
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Leader's speech
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Super reverb
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
For the singer in you
Create a "mini studio"
Connect to your smartphone to record in sync. Professional sound card-quality recording performance so you can sing your heart out.
*Images are for feature only, this phone is only available in selected countries.
Professional karaoke DSP chip
Noise cancellation, anti-whistle
Fitted with a professional karaoke DSP chip for professional echo and reverb effect. DRC dynamic voice optimisation technology and EQ curve vocal mastering. Works together with intelligent noise reduction and frequency shift feedback suppression algorithms for a more complete karaoke experience.
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Single charge
7 hours of continuous singing*
2500mAh high-capacity lithium battery with a smart energy-saving design provides up to 7 hours of continuous use.
Xiaomi Karaoke Microphone
*This data is from the Yuemi Laboratory. Report no.: JX-RD-04-036. Battery life tested at an ambient temperature of 31°C in acoustic mode at 70% volume. Actual battery life varies depending on conditions such as environment, volume and audio source.
More details
Xiaomi Karaoke MicrophoneXiaomi Karaoke MicrophoneXiaomi Karaoke Microphone
Rich connectivity
Flocking microphone cover
Customised base
Headphone mic monitoring, all-purpose recording interface, type-C charging for better versatility.
High-quality flocking foam to prevent microphone popping. Smooth and soft material to protect core components.
Stylish and simple vertical microphone base with a charging cable slot.