Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro

Escape The Noise, Hear The Magic

40dB hybrid active noise cancellation
Dual transparency mode
11mm super balanced speaker
Qualcomm® QCC5151
Fast charging technology
28 hrs total playback
Dual-device, easy connection
Premium and sophisticated design
Noise cancellationPowerful ANC for full immersion
40dB hybrid active noise cancellation. Block out up to 99% of background noise*.Equipped with a powerful independent ANC processor, bringing up to 40dB hybrid noise cancellation capability. Choose between Office, Daily and Airplane mode and get the best hearing experience for every situation.
Daily modeBlock out the noise of background conversations or the white noise of traffic and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.
Office modeGet rid of typing and air-conditioning noises in office spaces or libraries. Create a zen experience for concentration and productivity.
Airplane modeEffectively reduces the loud roar of airplane engines, while maintaining ear pressure balance for a more comfortable and relaxed journey.
Dual transparency mode. Be aware of your surroundings.In transparency mode, you can stay alert of your surroundings without taking out the earbuds. It also supports voice enhancement* to keep voice frequencies clear, making it easier to chat with friends in noisy environments.
3-mic noise cancellation for calls: clear calls even in noisy places.The three microphones work together to process voice and environmental sounds separately, reduce noise and accurately capture human voices, so that each word during a phone call is crisp and clear.
Feedback microphoneFeed-forward microphoneTalk microphone
Sound qualityHear the Magic
Captivating sound, forget your surroundings.11mm super balanced speaker offers crisp treble, delicate mids and deep bass to deliver an immersive and exhilarating sound experience.
Studio-level tuning, highly restored sound texture.The professional tuning of Xiaomi's internal sound lab can simulate real life HRTF to restore the sound textures and directions. A variety of acoustic parameters have been fine-tuned to achieve the optimum sound quality.Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro amplitude-frequency response*The amplitude-frequency response curve data comes from Xiaomi Lab.
Qualcomm's flagship audio technology.Qualcomm® QCC5151 flagship Bluetooth audio SoC provides a next-generation experience with robust connectivity, enhanced functionality and utilizes Low Energy technology. Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive codec provides crystal clear audio performance and dynamic scalability.
ExperienceTake the wireless life to the next level
Good music without the wait.Fast charge for 5 minutes, and you can listen to music for 2 hours*. Fully charge the earbuds in the case in just 35 minutes*. The case supports Qi wireless charging standard and is compatible with multiple charging devices*.
7 hours*Earbuds battery life(ANC off)
28 hours*Total battery life(ANC off)
5 hours*Earbuds battery life(ANC on)
22 hours*Total battery life(ANC on)
Flip to connect seamlessly.Open the case near a Xiaomi phone, and tap MIUI pop-up window to pair. Once paired, other Xiaomi phones connected to your Mi account will automatically recognize your earphones*. The earbuds can be connected to two platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows at the same time. Work on your laptop without missing a phone call.
Easily control the earbuds with MIUI pop-up window.Tap "Settings" in MIUI pop-up window to select different noise cancellation modes or configure functions such as gesture operations .
Lightweight and secure fit. Premium comfort for your ears.With 5,000+ ear tests, research data from 10,000+ users and more than 20 rounds of modification, the details have been polished repeatedly, just to bring a more comfortable wearing experience. The FlipBuds come with three sizes of silicone ear tips, optimized for comfort and effective noise isolation effect.
Fit test helps you find the perfect fit.Through smart fit detection*, you can choose the ear-tip size that fits the ear canal better, to improve the sound quality and noise cancellation effect.
Control at your fingertips.Easy operation by tapping and pressing the sides of the earbuds*.
Long press(left or right)ANC/transparency mode
Tap once(left or right)Play/pause music;Answer/end a call
Tap twicePlay next song;Decline a call
Tap 3 timesPlay previous song
Finely crafted, perfect for you.The exterior has undergone a high-gloss nano-NCVM coating process, producing a reflective surface and streamlined design, offering premium texture and grip.
Useful features, designed with you in mind.
Share with a buddyTwo sets of earphones can be connected to one device at the same time so that you can enjoy songs, podcasts, and movies together with a friend*.
Find your earphonesUse your phone to activate the earbuds' micro-speakers. The sound from the speakers will help you to easily locate lost earbuds within the bluetooth connection range*.
*The noise cancellation intensity is achieved by active noise cancellation technology, which supports a maximum noise reduction depth of 40dB and can reduce background noise by up to 99%. The test data comes from National Institute of Metrology, China.The actual effect varies depending on the user's ear size, selected earplugs, ear canal structure, wearing posture, chewing, exercise and other conditions.*Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro functions mentioned on this page can be configured in MIUI Bluetooth settings. Only Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO phones are designed to accommodate MIUI Bluetooth settings. Current models that support MIUI Bluetooth settings: Mi 11, Mi 10T, Mi 10T Pro and Poco F3. More compatible models will be published in succession. Due to applicability of these features, users need to upgrade their phone operating system to the latest MIUI version.*Transparency mode is default, and the "Enhance voice" mode can be turned on in MIUI Bluetooth settings.*Headphone charging and battery life data comes from Xiaomi Lab: When the earbuds is turned off due to empty battery, after charging for 5 minutes, with active noise cancellation turned off, 50% volume, AAC format, the earbuds can play music for 2 hours. When the earbuds is fully charged, with active noise cancellation turned off, 50% volume, AAC format, the earbuds can play music for up to 7 hours. When the earbuds are fully charged and the charging box is fully charged, the total battery life of playing music is about 28 hours; When the earbuds are fully charged, with active noise cancellation on, 50% volume, AAC format, the earbuds can play music for up to 5 hours. When the headset is fully charged and the charging box is fully charged, the total battery life of playing music is about 22 hours. The actual battery life will vary depending on factors such as volume, sound source, environmental interference, product features, and usage habits. When the earbuds are turned off due to empty battery, at a 25°C room temperature, the charging box has a battery level of more than 40%, or it is charged with a data cable, the earbuds are fully charged after being charged in the charging box for 35 minutes. The actual charging time is affected by temperature, battery storage, and variation in user habits vary.*The wireless charging base shown in the picture is not included in the package and has to be purchased separately.*To activate this function, bluetooth cloud synchronization needs to be turned on in the Xiaomi cloud service.*You can test the fit of the earplugs in MIUI Bluetooth settings. The test results are for reference only. Actually, there may be differences due to objective factors such as ear size, selected earplugs, ear canal structure, wearing posture, etc., please refer to actual user experience.*Gesture operation can be configured in in MIUI Bluetooth settings.*Audio sharing function currently supports Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11, Mi 11i,and more models are currently being adapted.*You can activate earphone alarm to find lost earphones in MIUI Bluetooth settings. The earphones do not support external sound when it is in the charging case.*Please make sure that there is no liquid or foreign matter in the charging port when charging.*The earphone-related function icon on the page is a schematic diagram. The product parameters are for reference only. Some product parameters may change due to changes in external factors such as environment and mobile phone system differences. Please refer to the actual product.