Redmi Smart Pen

Redmi Smart Pen
Redmi Smart PenAnytime, anywhere, unleash your imagination.

Redmi Smart Pen
Redmi's first active pen
Smooth writing experience, comparable to a real pen.
From a distance, the pen looks a sophisticated white colour, but take a closer look and you'll discover edgy lines for an understated yet sharp appearance. With an ergonomical grip and a twist-to-open tip, the pen delivers a smooth writing experience that feels just like using a real pen.
Millisecond-levelUltra-low latency
Activation force
Continuous writing
Pressure sensitivity
Redmi Smart Pen
Ultra-low latency, seamless writing
With millisecond ultra-low latency and 10g activation force delivery sensitivity, the pen reacts precisely to each tiny stroke and pressure change, allowing your creativity to flow on the screen.
*Millisecond ultra-low latency means the latency is under 10ms applied to Xiaomi's self-developed apps. Data tested in Xiaomi Internal Laboratory, actual result may vary.
*The 10g activation force only refers to the situation where the angle between the pen body and the display is 90°.
Redmi Smart Pen
Xiaomi's proprietary smooth algorithm and dual-end optimization.
Xiaomi's self-developed point prediction algorithm | Dual optimisation for pen and screen
240HzTouch sampling rate
120HzScreen refresh rate when writing
Without the predictive algorithm
With the predictive algorithm
*Test data come from Xiaomi Internal Lab and were obtained in comprensived simulated scenarios. Data may vary due to differences in testing environments, software versions and other factors. Please refer to the actual product.
Multifunctional shortcut keys Complete complex operations in a stroke of the pen
Redmi Smart PenWriting buttonPress and hold the writing button and touch the display to open Mi Canvas. Tap the writing button on the Mi Canvas to switch brushes.
Redmi Smart PenScreenshot buttonPress and hold the screenshot button and touch the display to quickly take a screenshot. Tap the screenshot button in the Mi Canvas to switch colours.
Redmi Smart PenShortcut keys for page flippingTap the writing or screenshot button to scroll through documents, articles.
*The features of switch brushes and colors are only applicable in Mi Canvas. The shortcut key feature may vary in actual use due to differences in software compatibility, app restrictions and software versions. Please refer to the actual product.
Redmi Smart Pen
Write with screen off Capture inspiration instantly
Awaken your canvas with simple gestures. Tap the display with the pen tip when the screen is off to activate the display and reveal the full-screen canvas.
*This feature is turned off by default and needs to be manually enabled in Settings.
Redmi Smart Pen
Compatible with drawing apps An efficient tablet partner
Proprietary algorithm | One-stroke drawing | Text recognition
With Xiaomi's proprietary algorithm model, the smoothness and responsiveness of third-party applications* are significantly improved. The one-stroke drawing feature brings smooth experiences whether drawing or annotating and text recognition is also a breeze.
*Data tested in Xiaomi Internal Labs, actual result may vary.*The images on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product. Actual UI may vary.