Mi Watch Strap

Mi Watch Strap3-Pack
Add color to your workoutComfortable material | Porous and breathable | Quick detaching
Multicolor selectionmatch as you please
Lightweight fit, free movementThe TPU material with its curved edges makes for a better fit, and is more comfortable to wear.
Wear-resistant and anti-skid surface textureDouble loops for a secure fit.
Porous and breathable, quick perspiration
Stainless steel clasp, exquisite and durable
*The TPU strap has passed allergy and skin irritation tests. Testing organization: Soochow University Institute of Health and Environmental Technology, sensitization report number: SDWH-M202004788-5, SDWH-M202004788-6; skin irritation report number SDWH -M202004788-7, SDWH-M202004788-8. Due to individual differences, a small number of people may experience skin discomfort or allergic reactions after wearing it. If it does, please stop wearing it and consult a doctor.*For daily use of the watch, please don't wear it too loosely to prevent the strap from rubbing the skin on your wrist; also don't wear it too tightly, as it may cause the skin to be unable to breathe and cause irritation such as itching. After wearing it continuously for a long time, take off the watch and let your wrist rest for a while. After high-intensity training, please clean your wrists and straps in time to avoid residual sweat and irritating your skin. After swimming, please wash the strap with clean water and dry it before wearing it.