Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse

Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse
Silent Edition
The quiet companion for better productivityDual-mode connection | silent | side buttons | a comfortable grip

"Silent" means that the mouse buttons (left, right, and scroll wheel) are quieter than 40 decibels, not completely muted. Testing conditions: the mouse and the sound level meter were placed 0.5m apart: China National Computer Quality Supervising Test Center - Inspection No.: 2019-3613*Please refer to the actual product.
Bluetooth + 2.4GHz dual-mode connection allows you to work wirelessly and freely
The dual-mode wireless mouse keeps your desk free of clutter and boosts your daily productivity. Along with supporting 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity and Bluetooth, the mouse can connect to two computers. Just press the key on the front to toggle between the two computers.
Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse2.4GHz mode
Mi Dual Mode Wireless MouseBluetooth mode
2.4GHz mode Bluetooth mode Say goodbye to disruptive clicking sounds
By getting rid of disruptive clicking sounds, the quiet buttons of the mouse allow you to work peacefully and politely in quiet places like your office, a conference room, or the library. You can work late at home without disturbing your family.
Use the side buttons to swipe forward and backward with ease
Go forward or backward on Windows* with the useful hotkey on the left. It's easy and efficient, whether you're working or browsing the Internet.
*Windows: The forward and backward hotkey function is supported on Windows 8, Windows 10, and above.
The texture is optimized for your comfortThe UV coating, plastic body, and gradient dotted texture helps you keep a steady grip, even with sweaty hands.
Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse
It's just the right size for Asian users
The design accounts for aesthetics and data. We studied the structure and size of users' hands to create a mouse with the right fit and feel. The mouse remains durable even with long-term use. It took multiple studies to create a mouse with the right fit and feel. The mouse remains durable even with long-term use, showing the care behind its design.
Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse
The attentive styling ensures that even holding the mouse feels sublimeIts symmetrical shape and the slight curve in the center looks aesthetically pleasing and makes it perfect to hold.
Choose between starlight black or quartz whiteThe black matte surface gleams with flashes of silver, like a quiet summer night. The quartz white radiates the soft, warm hue of a white sand beach.
Every detail was designed with care to enhance the user experience
Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse
Delicate scroll wheelThe frosted, matte surface keeps it feeling smooth
Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse
Teflon foot padEasier to scroll
Mi Dual Mode Wireless Mouse
Snap-on Battery CoverEasily replaceable batteries