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红米note 3 红米note 3

Quality over quantity

While Redmi Note 3 shoots with a high 16MP camera, it’s strength is in producing professional quality images with 0.1s Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) and powerful dual image signal processor. Dual ISP reduces noise and brings out contrasts in images with local tone mapping.

Faster than you can say focus
16MP rear camera, 0.1s ultra-fast PDAF

Redmi Note 3 takes just 0.1s to focus thanks to Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF), a focusing technology commonly found in DSLRs. Fast like the blink of eye, it precisely calculates the distance the lens has to move and is far more sophisticated than typical contrast focus which uses trail and error.


16MP fingerprint selfies

Selfies never looked better on Redmi Note 3’s rear camera with all-new fingerprint selfie support. Simply touch the sensor lightly when you want to take a shot. Beautify also works with rear camera clicks, giving you slight enhancements that produce a natural, flawless finish.

Color rendering and HDR

Make your shots vibrant

HDR is one of the favorite tricks professional photographers use for detailed, extra crisp photos. Redmi Note 3 comes with HDR mode, which compensates for overexposure by taking three different photos with different exposures. It then stitches these photos together to produce vivid contrasts and detail across your photo's dynamic range.


Be creative in real-time

Swipe left in the camera app to select from 12 different real-time filters. Shoot in Mono, or add vintage vibes with Yesteryear. Blur adds depth to photos, while fisheye takes you on a mind bender. There's no end to the ways you can make each shot a special one.

Edit your style

Use the built-in photo editor to enhance your photos before you share them on your social media accounts. Crop and rotate images, add doodles, or choose from any of the 9 photo filters. Adjust saturation, brightness, and contrast to express your unique style.

Recording in progress
1080p full HD videos, slow motion, time-lapse

Slow-motion |120fps
Time-lapse | 30fps

Make a movie of your life with Redmi Note 3's 1080p shooting capabilities. Shoot a time-lapse of the sunset or record a cricket game in slow-motion. Create memories and play them back to share with friends.

Look stunning all the time

Let Beautify bring out the best in you. The built-in tool guesses age and gender to apply one of 36 beauty profiles to your selfies. It subtly smoothens skin, brightens eyes, slims the jaw, and more. All this is done automatically so you just have to focus on flashing your brightest smile.