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Innovation on full display

Now available in white

6.4" immersive full display design
The door to the world, at the edge of your phone

Would the future of smartphones be like what we see in sci-fi films, a mere display? We believe the future is here, starting with the full display design on Mi MIX. Its ultra-high screen proportions on a 6.4" display pushes pixels closer to the edge of the phone. This is a massive technological leap from typical smartphones today. Once the display lights up, it feels almost like you're opening the door to the world, with over 2 million pixels jumping to life.

We used to be curious about everything
It is this curiosity that pushes us to break boundaries

Where did the earpiece speaker, proximity sensor,
and front camera go?

We explored new frontiers in technology to create an immersive full display design that takes up almost the whole front surface of the phone. We stripped away what traditionally used to exist on the front - the earpiece, speaker, and infrared proximity sensor. We redesigned a front-facing camera that is 50% smaller than typical ones, reengineered a 17:9 display ratio with rounded corners for full content viewing experience, even when soft keys are used.

Learn more about our immersive full display design
  • Cantilever piezoelectric ceramics acoustic technology

    When you pick up calls, the ceramic drive unit converts electric signals into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy creates microseismic waves, causing resonance in the phone metal frame, and converts into sound waves delivered straight to the ear. So even in noisest environments, you can still take clear and crisp calls.

  • Built-in ultrasonic proximity sensor

    Instead of traditional infrared proximity sensors, Mi MIX now comes with built-in ultrasonic proximity sensors. So when you use your phone, it accurately detects when you are near, avoiding accidental touches.

  • 50% smaller front-facing camera

    We reengineered a front camera that is 50% smaller than most typical front-facing camera module. Rotate the camera upside down for selfies, beautify with 36 smart beauty profiles, and take calls with real-time beautify tools.

  • 17:9 display with custom rounded corners

    Get better mobile viewing experience with our new 17:9 display. We understand right-angled displays don't sit well with rounded phone frames. With Mi MIX, we specially customized rounded and narrower borders, achieving a high screen-to-body ratio, giving you amazing viewing experience that jumps to live.

Less "material", more "humanity"

Being minimalist is to remove all things superificial.
The less 'material' it is, the more 'human' it is.

World-renowned designer and Mi MIX industrial designer, Philippe Starck Learn about Mi MIX's design >

Minimalist design, full ceramic body
Ceramic back cover, frame, and buttons

Mi MIX is when modern day minimalist design meets traditional ceramic craftsmanship. We have selected micro-crystalline zirconia ceramic as the raw material with a hardness similar to sapphire. Under high temperature calcination process, we made it into a full ceramic body that looks and feels great. In the premium 18K edition, we have also included 18K gold rims around the camera and fingerprint sensor, giving that additional class to its full ceramic body.

Snapdragon 821 + 6GB + 256GB memory
Mi concept phone, performance a notch above the rest

The all-new flagship Mi MIX packs a powerful Snapdragon 821 processor, up to 6GB RAM and 256GB UFS 2.0 memory,

  • 6.4" immersive full display design
  • Full ceramic body
  • Snapdragon 821
  • 6GB LPDDR4 RAM +
    256GB UFS 2.0 ROM
  • UFS 2.0
  • High capacity 4400mAh battery
  • Full NFC functionality
  • Quick Charge 3.0
  • 16MP PDAF camera

From phone body to packaging
Beautiful, distinctive, and minimalist design

The 'less material, more humanity' design philosophy extends to the tiniest details
Both our packaging and protective case adopts the Mi MIX minimalist design philosophy. Each Mi MIX comes with a handcrafted leather case that fits perfect on the all-new Mi MIX.

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