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  • 1600Hz Dedicated motion sensor
  • 16ms Ultra-low latency
  • Somatosensory remote Touch controls with 3 physical buttons
  • 103° Visual field angle
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Customized pairing
  • USB Type-C New generation port

Compatible with: Mi 5 / Mi 5s / Mi 5s Plus / Mi Note 2

Mi VR configuration Bosch 6-axis inertial measurement
unit (IMU)
Anti-glare lenses Object distance adjustment wheel
Sampling refresh rate up to 1600Hz
Comprises of 16-bit accelerometer
and ultra-low power gyroscope
38mm high permeable lens,
optical grade PMMA sheet
Visual field angle of 103°,
light transmission rate of over 93%
Supports within 600 degrees of myopia
and 200 degrees of hyperopia
Adjust headgear with just one button USB Type-C port Cashmere material
Fits head circumference
between 525mm to 630mm
Compatible with most Mi phones Protects forehead, around the eyes,
and back of the head
remote configuration
InvenSense 9-axis sensor Large touchpad area
Comprises of gyroscopes,
accelerometer, and magnetometer
33mm x 32mm
Bluetooth 4.0 technology Low power consumption, use up to over 60 hours
Customizable pairing 2 AAA batteries
Weight and
VR glasses
Height: 295mm
Width: 200mm
Thickness: 156mm
Weight: 408g (excluding mobile phone)
Somatosensory remote
Height: 117mm
Width: 40mm
Thickness: 15.5mm
Weight: 25g (excluding battery)
Package contents Mi VR / 9-axis inertial motion controller / 2 AAA batteries / Warranty card / User guide
Mi VR 9-axis inertial motion controller User guide

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