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Watch Your Work Come to Life With Mi VR

Xiaomi is one of China's largest smartphone company with over 220 million users, and is committed to provide the best product experience to our users. Our research and development team at Xiaomi is continuously looking to develop cutting-edge technologies and be at the forefront of innovation.

We're seeking for outstanding developers to be on board our Mi VR platform to tap on our resources. Only select developers will gain access to our development resources, localization expertise, and exclusive access to our SDKs. We'll also market your VR app to the local Chinese market - an extremely important market with immense opportunities for growth and revenue. So if you've got what it takes and looking to have more users to have a more hands-on experience with your app, submit your application today.

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A Large and Targeted User Group

Xiaomi is one of the top smartphone manufacturers in China. We have over 220 million users, a wealth of experience in areas of product design and user experience, and a strong influence on the youths in China. With so many users using our smartphones and MIUI, this easily gives us access to a large pool of tech-savvy users interested in VR technology.

Strong Development Support

We've teamed up with China's leading app and game publishing company to provide a premium and comprehensive range of services for VR developers to create apps for the local Chinese market. This includes granting access to SDKs, localization efforts, development resources, maintenance, and more. We're committed to providing for outstanding, select developers the best resources to bring top VR apps to China.

A Fully Functional and Comprehensive Flatform

Our Mi VR comes powerpacked with a dedicated hardware-level motion
sensor that increases sensitivity by 16 times and detects the slightest
movements. It reaches an ultra-low latency of 16ms with our ATW algorithm,
providing a smoother transition from one frame to another. And it doesn't
stop here. We also provide a 9-axis inertial motion controller
that supports touch controls, providing a complete
and natural VR experience that is unparalleled.

Development support

  • Adapts and localizes to suit
    local market
  • Complete access to SDKs
  • Development resources
    allocation and maintenance
  • Comprehensive marketing
    channels and resources


Dedicated hardware-level motion sensor, reduces motion
sickness significantly, 16ms ultra-low latency, comes with 9-axis
inertial motion controller

Compatible with: Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, and Mi Note 2

More product information

For technical enquiries, please email us at mivr-dev@xiaomi.com

For more business opportunities, please email us at xiaomivr@xiaomi.com