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Mi TV 4


State-of-the-art technologies
in a beautiful and remarkably slim package

Imagine a suspended display glass - no frames, no stand. We reengineered the all-new Mi TV 4
and made it so slim, it feels almost like you're watching a piece of glass display in the air.

Reimagined to maximize your viewing experience

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So thin,
just 4.9mm

Mi TV 4 is astonishingly slim, measures a mere 4.9mm at its thinnest point - never seen before in our Mi TV series.

Breaking boundaries
with a frameless display

We went to rethink how a display should be. We did away with the frames
and kept it simple, so you get an extended visual experience.

Dolby Atmos 3D spherical surround sound

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An unparalleled listening experience

Listen to the leaves rustling in the wind, hear planes zoom overhead like never before. The upward firing speakers add a new overhead audio dimension,
bringing you realistic and vividly immersive sounds to your living room. Videos that support Dolby Atmos allocate coordinates to every sound,
and Mi TV 4 renders these coordinates in real time, then determines how best to represent sound travelling through your living room space.

Please put on your headphones for best listening experience

Transparent TV stand,
so brilliant yet subtle

The Mi TV 4 comes with an invisible, crystal clear TV stand that discreetly brings out the beauty of
your display and doesn't steal the limelight when you have your favorite shows on.

Beauty on the flip side

Behold the beauty behind the display. The back enclosure only goes up to about 30% of the height of the display and reveals the remaining metal surface, making it look visually slimmer.

An ultra-thin back enclosure

We took it back to the drawing board to calibrate the back enclosure, making it slimmer and lighter with a smooth, glossy finish.

Comes with Patchwall,
a deep learning AI TV system

Our deep learning AI system understands your preferences and intelligently classifies content, so everyone gets to enjoy
highly personalized recommendations. Whether you like action, thriller, comedy, or animated movies,
Patchwall curates the best possible content for everyone in the family.

Take a step into the future with the modular TV design

The modular TV design cleverly separates the motherboard and sound system from the display, hence allowing independent motherboard upgrades.
The display is connected to the Mi TV Bar via a single cable, resulting in a cleaner and simpler wiring that is soothing to the eyes.
We've also redesigned the ports to be on the back of the Mi TV bar, making them highly and easily accessible.

A display of cutting edge technology

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