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A bigger experience for a bigger screen

MIUI is a living system enhanced by over 100 million active users where you'll discover new functions and customizations for Mi Note. The 5.7" screen layout has been formatted to show 25% more content than on smaller 4.7" screens. Customize system font size options from small to large, which adjust even 3rd party apps. Best of all, one-handed mode shrinks your screen to a smaller 3.5", 4.0" or 4.5" touchscreen so that you can tap, swipe, pinch and flick with ease.

25% more content at a glance

Mi Note shows you the big picture. What you see on screen is not scaled up from a standard display. Instead, MIUI optimizes the large display from the ground up to show 25% more content than a 4.7" screen, while keeping content at the same size. So whether you’re browsing the web or texting, the experience is bigger and better.

Easy on the eyes with large system fonts

Choose to have more content on screen, or a large font mode that makes text and icons easer to read. Font sizes range from small to large so you can customize exactly how you want your Mi Note to look. Compatible with popular 3rd party apps.

Stay nimble with
one-handed mode

Want the benefits of a big screen but find it hard to navigate with one hand? Shrink down your screen to a 3.5", 4" or 4.5" touchscreen so that you can maneuver with ease. Simply swipe left or right on the bottom menu button.

Quick access to Mi Home

Install the Mi Home app to manage all your smart Mi devices in one place. Swipe left on the lock screen to view the devices paired with Mi Note and tap to manage each of them individually. You can do all of this conveniently without having to unlock your phone. The Mi Home app is compatible with most smart Mi devices and this list will continue to grow with time.

Stay in shape with Mi Fit

Meet Mi Fit, your new personal trainer. Use it to monitor daily workouts and track how many calories you burn. Using Mi Note’s sensor hub co-processor, it can even function as a pedometer to count your steps and tell you how far you walk every day.

Do more with exciting built-in tools

Visually stunning MIUI apps are filled with functional details and animations that allow content to really shine through. Mi Note has a weather app that tells you the current temperature and air quality, a digital compass that provides information on altitude and pressure, WPS Office that helps you access, save, and sync work documents on-the-go, plus many more!

Mi Cloud

Backing up and sharing your stuff has never been easier

Switch on Mi Cloud and save contact information and text messages so you never have to worry about losing important information again. Choose to automatically back up photos when connected to Wi-Fi and share albums with friends. With up to 5GB of storage and 6 layers of data encryption, everything that matters to you is safe with Mi.

Security Center

Data usage, virus scan, cleaner, and battery optimizer

Security Center provides effective services such as virus protection and performance improvements to protect and improve your phone's system. It blocks unauthorized access, stops viruses and Trojans, monitors web traffic, and manages software and tasks.