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Superior in sound

Independent Hi-Fi system for studio-grade playback

Taking inspiration from professional-grade Hi-Fi systems, Mi Note’s dedicated sound card renders every frequency in stunning detail and transforms your music with clearer vocals, better defined instrumental passages and deeper bass. Discover a level of music that you’ve never heard before with minimal-loss, studio-grade sound quality.

  • Hi-Fi
    audio decoder
    ESS ES9018K2M
  • Two-stage
    Texas Instruments OPA1612
    Custom ADI ADA4896
  • Studio
  • Supports
    lossless formats
4 times better than CD quality
Bringing the studio to you with 192kHz/24-bit audio
Sampling rate is to digital audio what resolution is to video and images: the higher the sampling rate, the more detail is preserved. High-quality recordings also require the right sound cards for playback. This is why Mi Note is equipped to play audio at the same 192kHz/24-bit standard used by professional recording studios. It's four times better than CD quality, giving you clarity and detail in every note.
  • 44.1kHz / 16bit
    Most phones use the same sampling rate as CDs
  • 192kHz / 24bit
    Mi Note's sampling rate is 4 times better than CD quality
Precision listening
Mobile Hi-Fi audio decoder for precision listening
Unlike most smartphones, Mi Note uses a powerful mobile Hi-Fi audio decoder instead of a single decoder chip. Its sound card, independent amplifier and range of peripheral components is similar to those in high-end Hi-Fi systems. Music is interpreted accurately with a high dynamic range and ultra-low distortion.
  • Standard phone audio systems
  • Mi Note Hi-Fi system
ESS audiophile-grade audio chip
Industry's highest performance 32-bit mobile audio DAC
The DAC, or digital-to-analog converter, is the key to music playback. It converts the digital information in a music file into audio signals, improving sound quality and increasing its volume in the process. The ES9018K2M audio chip from industry leader ESS is the mobile version of the popular ES9018 chip used in high-end Hi-Fi systems, delivering a 127dB dynamic range and maintaining a high level of clarity even at high volume levels. The -120dB THD+N standard also ensures crystal clarity up to the very top of the treble range.
  • Dynamic range
    127dB DNR
  • Ultra-low distortion
    -120dB THD+N
  • Studio grade
    192kHz / 24bit
  • Accurate phase

Hi, fidelity!

Texas Instruments two-stage amplifier
Most phones don’t pack the power to reach high output levels and struggle with distortion at high volumes, but Mi Note handles these challenges with ease. Its professional-grade OPA1612 amplifier module enjoys a stellar reputation among audiophiles, delivering best-in-class output levels and fidelity. In addition, a customized ADA ADA4896 output amplifier helps optimize dynamic range, ensuring superb sound quality, whatever music you're into.
  • The lowest interference levels in its class

    Two custom ADI ADA4896s
    Fully balanced amplifier

  • The lowest distortion in its class

    2 Texas Instruments OPA1612
    Voltage and current hybrid drive circuits

Goes with any gear

Compatible with high-impedance headphones
Mi Note’s unique two-stage amplifier provides ample output to run headsets with impedance levels as high as 600 ohms while maintaining a high degree of quality and fidelity. Low-impedance headphones also benefit from our unique hybrid drive circuit. In fact, Mi Note has been tested with headphones of all impedance levels, and outstanding quality is guaranteed with any setup.
High fidelity performance from 8Ω to 600Ω, up to 2V output at 600Ω

A truly authentic sound

Standalone dual clock oscillators + 28 high-precision audio resistors
Digital audio involves millions of calculations every second, with any error or slowdown detracting from the overall sound quality. That’s why Mi Note is equipped with two independent audio clocks to eliminate any variations in clock timing which could interfere with audio reconstruction, and specialized audio resistors with 1/1000 precision – 10 times the precision of standard phone resistors. Every component, however small, is designed to deliver a flawless listening experience.
  • Dual clock oscillator
    Full support for 44.1kHz and 48kHz clock frequencies
  • 28 1‰ high precision audio resistors
    Low-noise resistor membrane for higher fidelity
    more precise
  • 8 Panasonic PPS audio capacitors
    for a purer sound
    New feature
Listen in lossless
Supports the formats favored by audiophiles
Apart from the standard MP3 format, Mi Note and the built-in MIUI music player also support lossless formats preferred by audiophiles. Listen with new ears to music without compression. It's a high-fidelity, studio-quality listening experience that's light years beyond MP3.
20 unique audio tests
Fine tuning each detail to the highest standards
Every aspect of Mi Note's Hi-Fi system has been fine-tuned and tested using a comprehensive set of 20 tests, such as minimizing interference when two different audio signals overlap. The result is a device that measures up to the standards expected of high end dedicated audio systems, ensuring that every single note you hear is of the highest quality.
  • MAX
  • DNR
  • THD+N
  • DIM
  • MULT
    TONE 8
  • THD+N
  • CCIF
  • CCIF

A Hi-Fi system in your pocket

Equipping a mobile device with professional Hi-Fi audio capabilities was no easy task – but we hope you’ll agree it was worth the effort. If you love music, we’re confident you will love Mi Note.
  • Low distortion
    -116dB IMD
  • Ultra-low DANL
    As low as 1.7µV
  • Incredible detail
    123dBA dynamic range
  • High fidelity
    THD+Noise -107dB