Mi MIX Alpha

5G Surround Display Concept Smartphone

Explore — Let the future contain more possibilities

Mi MIX Alpha is a futuristic phone that shows the many avenues for Xiaomi to explore during the 5G era.

Not all possibilities can be explored.
We do not want to explore them for the sake of making them into a fixed future,
we want to enable more possibilities for the future instead.

The Display for Exploring the Future
Mi MIX Surround Display
The body is surrounded by ONE display

We may wonder what the phone will look like in the future
as we are surrounded by more extensive information.
Perhaps in the future, the entire mobile phone will look like a display.
The display of Mi MIX Alpha extends from front to back.
When the screen lights up, it's like the universe:
no end and no boundaries, but a stunningly futuristic feeling.

  • The Front is Virtually all Taken Up by the Screen

    The top and bottom bezels are just 2.15mm.* The side frame has gone, giving an even more sensational view. Information on the front screen will no longer be crowded, allowing for pure interaction.

    * This data is from Xiaomi Laboratory. Actual results may vary slightly depending on different measurement methods across the industry.

  • The Display Replaces the Side Frame

    The display replaces the side frame, where phone status and information is displayed. There are no physical buttons, but pressure-sensitive virtual side buttons, which allow for interaction. The sides are pressure-sensitive and leverage a linear motor to simulate the touch of real buttons, allowing you to lock the screen, adjust volume, etc.

  • The Back is Covered
    by the Display

    The most used applications are displayed as gadgets on the back display. In the future, it will be able to perform real-time AI scenario detection. For example, at an airport, the back will automatically show your boarding pass. When you are traveling by taxi, it will be able to display the real-time route.

  • The Phone With More Sensors Than Usual

    With the built-in humidity and air quality sensors, it can tell you environmental information.

Groundbreaking Display
With Even more innovative technology

  • Innovative flexible screen
    layered compiling

    Innovative layered lamination technology, breaking the limit of bending curved screen and revealing an incredible Surround Display.

  • Innovative in-screen fingerprint sensor meets flexible display

    Protective structure is deployed to prevent the display deforming which ensure the smoothness of the surface after multiple unlocking operations

  • Innovative display
    acoustic technology

    Use all new display acoustic technology to optimize sound experience, significantly improving sound quality

A Camera for Exploring the Future
A "medium format camera" among smartphones

Mainstream SLR cameras are still at the 10-20MP level.
Can you just imagine it? 108MP camera is now available in a smartphone.

20MP ultra wide-angle camera

SONY IMX350, 20MP, 1.0μm
1/2.8" image sensor size, laser focus
1.5cm macro photography

12MP telephoto camera

Samsung S5K2L7, 12MP, 1.4μm,
1/2.55" image sensor size, supports Dual PD
Phase detection focus, laser focus

108MP Ultra High-resolution Camera

Samsung HMX,
12032 x 9024 ultra-high resolution,
108MP, 0.8μm, 1/1.33" image sensor size,
laser focus

Not only the pixel count, but also the 1/1.33 inch ultra-large sensor
goes beyond most portable digital cameras.
This means it can capture even more light and details and produce
images of better picture quality and dynamic range.


48 MP module

Mi MIX Alpha

108 MP module

Customized 108MP camera module. 389% the size of 48MP camera module.

One Photo with Hundreds of Millions of Details
Explore all the beauty in the world
with unprecedented clarity

Extremely delicate and extremely clear — this is the most intuitive feeling you get from a photo of 108 million pixels. Zoom, zoom, and zoom again. You'll be stunned by the amount of detail.
You'll easily be able to count her every eyelash even after you magnify her portrait 8 times.

Explore Future Craftsmanship
Aerospace-grade titanium alloy!
as well as precision ceramic
and sapphire glass

The task of the Mi MIX is to explore all avenues of possibilities for future phones at all costs.
This time, we have chosen the titanium alloy, which is hailed as a "space metal,"
to take the phone's lightness and strength to new heights.
Mi MIX Alpha has also inherited the Mi MIX's classic ceramic,
with a large sapphire camera lens protection cover, giving it seamless overall beauty.

  • Aerospace-grade Titanium Alloy

    Strong, hard, low density. 3 times stronger than stainless steel, 1.3 times stronger than 7-series aluminum alloy.

  • Sapphire Glass

    Highly respected in the high-end watchmaking industry. Hardness second only to diamond, gives the phone better durability

  • Precision Ceramic

    Beautiful, black, light and elegant: a beautiful fusion of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

A Phone With the Endurance
to Explore the Future

Nano-silicon-based lithium ion battery

In the future, what technology will we use
to give phones more energy?
Nano-silicon-based lithium-ion battery
provides one possible direction.
Mi MIX Alpha uses a 4050 mAh
nano-silicon-based lithium-ion battery
with 40W wired fast charging
to accommodate its fast charge design.
This improves both the energy density
of the lithium-ion battery and battery safety.
-10°C low temperature charging is achieved
for the first time in the smartphone industry.

5G Super Flagship Performance
Snapdragon™ 855+ + 12 GB + 512 GB
Bringing together super flagship performance,
propelling the 5G future.

Mi MIX Alpha possess the current flagship configuration. The Snapdragon™ 855+ processor was designed especially for 5G.
It comes with 12 GB of RAM and has ultra-fast UFS3.0 512 GB read and write storage.

Mi MIX Alpha
Making a revolutionary product means exploring places where no one has gone before.

Why does Xiaomi want to make a phone that explores futuristic concepts?

To explore means to enter unknown regions and to follow paths that no one has gone down. The path is long and winding and means we must continue to embrace our best imagination of the future.

Xiaomi is a company with an engineering culture. The mission of the Mi MIX concept phone is to make a truly revolutionary product, regardless of price. This is also our customers’ expectation.

* Actual available ROM and RAM may be less to a number of factors: Since the operating system occupies part of the memory (RAM), the actual available space is less than the marked memory capacity; due to the installation of the operating system and pre-installed programs occupying part of the flash memory (ROM), the actual available storage space is less than the marked flash capacity.
* Charging: Speed and duration data are from Xiaomi laboratory; actual results will differ slightly depending on the test software version, the specific test environment, and the specific version.
* The product image provided on this website for reference only. The actual product may be slightly different.
* Product images and models, data, functions, performance, specification parameters, user interface and other product information are for reference only. Xiaomi may amend this information. For details, please refer to the product and the product manual. Unless otherwise stated, the data referred to on this website are Xiaomi’s internal test results, and the comparisons are made against other Xiaomi products.