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Works hard, works smart

Feeling hazy? Take shelter with smart remote controls and real-time air monitoring. That way you will always know what outdoor vs indoor air quality is like, and switch to High-speed mode on a hazy day. Set timer schedules to learn your wake up and sleep patterns, and schedule a power off when you leave home. That's not all - built-in temperature and humidity sensors also give you more information about your environment.

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Check air quality in real time

Displays real-time outdoor and indoor air quality at a glance.
Breathe in, relax, and have peace of mind.

Smart learning,
learns your habits

Mi Air Purifier 2H learns daily patterns
and remembers your preferred settings.
Night mode for when you sleep, Auto mode
for mornings, and power off when you leave
home. It prompts you to record your
preferred settings and sets it on daily repeat
until told otherwise.

07:40 AM

Start your day fresh!
Mi Air Purifier 2H powers off
automatically when you leave
home, so you don't have to
worry about leaving things

06:15 PM

"Welcome back home.
Mi Air Purifier 2H
remembers when you
usually power on in the
evenings, saving you the
hassle of doing it yourself."

11:15 PM

Sweet dreams. Mi Air Purifier 2H
switches to ultra-quiet Night mode
automatically when you fall asleep.

Find your speed

Every home, apartment, and room is different. That's why Mi Air Purifier 2H lets you customize
wind speed in very small, gradual increments to find the perfect setting.

Displays temperature
and humidity

Control other aspects of your home for maximum comfort.
Mi Air Purifier 2H shows you room temperature, so you can
switch on the air conditioner if you want. If humidity levels
are low and dry, you might want to switch on a humidifier.

Reminds you
to change filters

Most air purifiers use a simple indicator light when it is time to change filters. Mi Air Purifier 2H goes one step further to provide you with filter usage statistics and sends smartphone reminders when the filter needs to be changed. That way, you always know how the state of the filter is and when to order a replacement.