Mi Drone

Explore a new perspective at your fingertips

Watch full video
Watch full video

Relax and enjoy the ride

Our controls are so simple that it is easy for beginners to pick up in a snap. With just one button on our Mi Drone
remote control or app, send the drone to flight, land, return, or even follow a desired route. You can even use the app
to set it circling around an object. Now with Mi Drone, you can take flight and marvel at the wonders of nature from a
different perspective.

  • Press button to
    take off or land
  • Slide button to return
  • Circle around
    an object
  • Plan a route
  • Send to a point

Send to a point

Set a location on the map within the app, and Mi Drone automatically flies
towards the pinned location.

Plan a route

Set a route so images and footage captured will be uninterrupted and beautiful.

Circle around an object

Choose a point and set desired hover height and radius. Mi Drone will automatically circle around an object,
capturing beautiful shots of the object.

It's time to explore new horizons!

Integrated PTZ camera, 3-axis stablization

  • Integrated
    PTZ camera
  • 3-axis
  • 4K / 1080P
    video capture
  • Full HD
    wide angle lens
  • Real-time
    image transmission

Integrated PTZ camera

Stabilizes every single pixel

in the image

PTZ camera includes a processor that calculates and compensates ad-
ditional movements, and highly sensitive 3-axis gambal stabilizes up to
2000 vibrations per second, ± 0.02° accuracy.

Watch 3-axis stabilization demonstration video

Immerse yourself in full

HD video transmission

Mi Drone (4K version) has low latency and strong anti-inteference
technology built in so you can enjoy a bird's eye view, even
when you are 2km away.

An aerial weapon combining many technologies

Lightweight body, uses vision positioning

  • 27 mins
    non-stop flying
  • Efficient power
  • ARA-D
    propeller airfoil
  • Vision

Long battery life, captures as many perfect moments as possible

Comes with 5100mAh high energy density LG/Grepow batteries, so flight time can be as long as 27 mins. It is also simple and easy to
replace with new batteries, and with intelligent protection technology makes batteries safe and lasts longer.

Movements fast and crisp

Our engineers have carefully tuned the Mi Drone to respond fast and keep flight movements smooth and precise.




High strength body structure yet it is only
1.2mm thick. With lighter body weight, greatly
enhances flight performance.


high aerodynamic efficiency

ARA-D airfoil propeller, larger
blades, lower inertia, and larger
aerodynamic performance.

GPS + GLONASS positioning

Uses GPS + GLONASS positioning, sets pinned location faster and more accurately, making hover more stable.

Additional optical flow position, works even indoors

Combines CORTEXT-A7 quadcore processor with advanced optical flow and night vision algorithms, making it highly sensitive
to detect surfaces. Even indoors with minimal GPS signal, you will be able to hover at the designated spot.

  • ± 1.5m

    level positioning

  • ± 0.1m

    height accuracy

  • 0.5 - 2.5m


Equipped with multiple security systems,

be assured every single time your drone takes flight.

  • Returns on low battery
  • Returns home
    automatically if remote
  • GPS real-time tracking
  • Automatically stops and
    hovers when approaching
    no-fly zone

Returns on low battery

Mi Drone calculates power required to return home and automatically returns when battery is low.

GPS real-time tracking

Once Mi Drone disconnects from the remote, it returns home automatically. Should an accident
occur during the return trip, the Mi Drone can be easily located using its GPS real-time tracking

Automatically stops and hovers when approaching no-fly zone

When Mi Drone approaches a no-fly zone, it automatically stops, hovers, and sends out
a smart alert to prevent any accidents from occuring.

Just slip it into your bag,

and you are all set to explore a whole new perspective!

Mi Drone has adopted a modular design approach with a foldable landing gear and detachable PTZ camera. It also fulfills IATA standards, so you
can bring it along with you when you travel.

*Does not include the Mi Classic Business Backpack and is sold separately.
  • Notes:
  • 27 minutes of non-stop flying is tested with PTZ camera being installed in Mi Drone while it is hovering and
    under extreme height and wind conditions.
  • In both image transmission provided by 4K and 1080p Mi Drones are according to FCC standards, under
    open air and good battery conditions.
  • Both 4K and 1080p PTZ cameras can only match their own aircrafts, and cannot be used interchangeably.
  • When the battery is running low, the app will send out an alert. The user will have to tap the return key in
    order for the Mi Drone to return.
  • Mi Drone performs best under conditions when you first received it in its original packaging. Performance
    might vary when there are slight alterations to its outer appearance.
  • All data are provided by Feimi lab. Actual usage may vary depending on environment, frequency of use,
    and other factors.