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Security is a great concern for businesses worldwide, and we are constantly on the lookout for new innovations that enable us to better serve our customers.
Android Enterprise Recommended phones by Xiaomi are verified by Google™ to meet strict enterprise requirements making it easy for your organization to
deploy and manage devices to best suit your needs.
Elevated Requirements
Devices that have been verified by Google meet elevated requirements for hardware such as processor speed, storage, battery, as well as deployment, security, and user experience.
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Easy device management
Devices can be set up to strictly be used for work or to allow both work and personal use based on your business needs.
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Bulk device enrollment
Use zero-touch enrollment to select, deploy, and manage corporate-owned devices while saving on support costs and servicing fees.
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Timely security updates
Regular security patches are delivered within 90 days. Security updates are available for 3 years from the initial ship date. Enrolled devices are guaranteed at least one major Android™ OS update.
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