Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light HEPA Filter (2-Pack)

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light HEPA Filter (2-Pack)High-efficiency filtration as good as an air purifierH13-grade HEPA Three layers of high-density filter paperFolded mountain structure Washable and environmental-friendly*Compatible with Mi Vacuum Cleaner Light MJWXCQ03DY

H13-grade HEPA filter 99.97% filtration efficiencyH13 HEPA filters can remove even microscopic dust, proven to trap particles as small as 0.3μm with 99.97% efficiency.*
Cyclone filterPrimarily blocks dirt and dust
High-efficiency HEPA filterCaptures particle down to 0.3μm
Cotton filterFilters dust and releases clean air
Three layers of high-density filter paper Provides long-lasting and effective filtrationThe three-layer filter structure can not only capture microscopic dust particles, but also gives long-term effective filtration performance.
Folded mountain structure To maximize volume and increase filtration efficiency The filter's mountain-like structure can not only minimize air pressure, but also provides better filtration and cleaner air through the maximized working area than a flat structure.
Wash and reuse For a more sustainable lifestyleAs an eco-friendly, economical and sustainable solution, the filter can be easily washed, dried and reused to maintain good performance.
Easy to clean and replace forlong-lasting filtration performance
For best resultsclean once per week
For best resultsreplace every 2–3 months
Step 1:Remove the HEPA filter from the dust cup
Step 2:Gently tap the filter to shake off dust
Step 3:Rinse with water and dry it in a cool place
Step 4:Restore when it's completely dry or replace with a new filter