Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop

Mi Robot Vacuum-MopVisual Navigation VersionDynamic visual navigation / Ultra-powerful 2500 Pa suction* /
High-capacity 600 mL dustbox* / Smart-controlled water tank

Mi Robot Vacuum MopDynamic visual
navigation system
Clear vision for cleaning
Mi Robot Vacuum MopPowerful quad-core
For faster, more accurate
Mi Robot Vacuum MopWhole-room
path planning
No duplications,
no omissions
Mi Robot Vacuum MopUltra-powerful
2500 Pa suction*
Clears the home of
all types of dirt
Mi Robot Vacuum MopSmart-controlled
water tank
Disperses water evenly for
instant mop-and-dry
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop15 types of motion
To adapt to complex
furniture layouts
Mi Robot Vacuum MopWide-opening suspended
suction aperture closely
skims floor surface.
For enhanced cleaning performance
Mi Robot Vacuum MopApp remote controlDynamic cleaning with the ability to see
Vacuum and mop in one sweepCleaning the floor? I'll handle that
All-new visual navigation systemGrasps furniture layout rapidlyHigh-speed visual navigation system quickly recognizes landmark
data and picks up complex spacial features for faster, sharper
Feature-point capture
Dynamic visualizationPanoramic planning
166°Wide-angle scope*
Dynamic visual mappingUses professional OV visual sensors and neural network algorithms. In-built path
calculation at 50 times/s* enables on-the-move dynamic surveillance and sharper,
more effective mapping.
Mi Robot Vacuum MopCleans
Mi Robot Vacuum MopSees
Mi Robot Vacuum MopRecognizes
Localization assistance from three
main sensors
Ser tydligt – håller kursenDevices to assist localization (dual gyroscope, optical flow sensor) complement
the visual navigation for more precise, complete capture of positioning data.
High-precision visual
Captures landmark data
for precise mapping.
Dual-gyroscope auxiliary
Retrieves angle data to assist
Optical flow calibration on
the underside of the robot
Helps correct paths
in poor light.
vSLAM algorithm + quad-core processor*Can think independently—so it can adapt
to changes in surroundings
In-built Cortex TM - A7* quad-core data processing chip is combined with vSLAM algorithm for more
powerful computation—enabling accurate, real-time localization of the robot and smart path mapping.
Quad-core CPUCPU
Dual-core Mali400
Base frequency*
Fully automatic smart-controlled water tankcontrols water precisely for cleaner moppingIn-built 200 mL smart-controlled water tank controls water volume
automatically from start to finish—protecting floors and ensuring even water
dispersal without soaking or omissions.
Proactive water controlProtects floors
Suspended mopClosely skims
floor surface
Electronically controlled
precision water pump
More even mopping
3-gear water release adjustmentto manage various types of dirtSpecially equipped with added 3-gear water release adjustment for
enhanced mopping. Accommodates different seasonal humidity
levels and different flooring materials. Single-button control by app
for simpler "one mop and done" results.
Top gearFor particularly dirty floors
Middle gearFor basic everyday cleaning
Bottom gearFor instant mop-and-dry—ideal
for damp days
3-gear water release adjustment
Ultra-powerful 2500 Pa suctionClears the floor of all types of dirtStrong, uninterrupted suction driven by a powerful Japanese brushless motor—enabling instant removal of dust
particles and dirt from every floor crevice the moment you switch it on.
NidecJapanese brushless motor
Suction mode adjustment
High-capacity dustbox
Suspended suction aperture + high-power
main brush + high-precision filter
to get into every corner without missing a speckWide-opening suspended suction aperture closely skims floor surface.
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Main brush of 0.1 mm ultra-dense fiber* adapts to various floor surfaces.High-capacity 600 mL dustbox does away with constant
emptying for greater speed and convenience
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Brand-new super-slim 8.2 cm body*Freer movement around the homeInset visual sensors give me a slimmer body for easy access under
beds, cupboards and sofas. Snaking path ensures higher coverage rate.
Complete coverage from 15 high-precision sensor unitsBetter adapted to complex contours in the home15 types of high-precision sensor built into the body improve adaptability and enhance fall prevention, infrared
collision prevention, escape from tight spots, and obstacle evasion.
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Optical-flow path calibration on the underside of the robot enables more direct, accurate orientation on carpets.7 front-mounted infrared sensor units* with 20 cm recognition range*. Decelerates on approach to docking station when returning for automatic charging.Reacts smartly to staircase falls—the system automatically changes the direction to prevent the fall.
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Returns automatically for
charging—resumes cleaning
at the breakoff point
Copes easily even in large roomsReturns automatically for charging when power is lowWhen the battery is 80% charged, it returns automatically to the breakoff point to resume cleaning.
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Powers over obstables up to 20 mm*to skip easily over door thresholds, rails and carpets.
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Mi Connected Smart ControlA clean and happy life in the palm of your hand
Mi Robot Vacuum MopFirmware
Mi Robot Vacuum MopRemote
Mi Robot Vacuum MopMode
Mi Robot Vacuum MopPreset
Mi Robot Vacuum MopFault
Mi Robot Vacuum MopReal-time
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Comes with physical virtual wallMarks out cleaning zones for peace of mind when no-one's home
*Virtual wall accessories must be purchased separately
Mi Robot Vacuum Mop
Online OTA firmware updatesConstantly refreshes learning capacity—the
more you use it, the smarter it gets
lithium battery
Cleans medium-sized rooms
in one go*
Water-rinsable filterEffectively intercepts dust as small as 0.3 μm*
and emits clean air
* Ultra-powerful 2500 Pa suction: Wind pressure data sourced from Dreame Technology laboratory. During product use, when the main body battery is fully charged, the motor is in high-power mode, using a vacuum gauge to measure vacuum degree at the suction aperture, maximum measured suction power is 2500 Pa.* 15 types of motion sensor: Camera sensor, optical flow sensor, gyroscope sensor, acceleration sensor, electronic compass sensor, odometer, infrared obstacle sensor, edge sensor, collision sensor, cliff sensor, drop sensor, docking sensor, dustbox installation test sensor, water tank installation test sensor, fan rotational speed sensor.* 166° wide-angle scope: Lens module data sourced from Lens Module Specification.* 30,000 feature-point captures per second: This figure derives from the product software algorithm, which is set at an average of 3000 feature-points captured per second and 10 frames processed per second, hence potential capture of approx. 30,000 feature-points per second.* Path calculation of 50 routes/s: This figure derives from the product algorithm, which is set to perform 50 path planning calculations per second.* CortexTM - A7 quad-core processor: CPU performance data sourced from CPU Specification.* 600 mL large dustbox + 200 mL water tank: Dustbox and water tank capacity data sourced from Dreame Technology laboratory. Dustbox capacity test method: Loaded plastic particles manually into dustbox and poured out into a measuring cup. Water tank capacity test method: Placed water tank on electronic balance, filled with water, and read off the difference on the balance before and after.* Main brush of 0.1 mm ultra-dense fiber: Data sourced from Dreame Technology laboratory, obtained by measurement with a caliper accurate to 0.01 mm.* Super-slim 8.2 cm body: Body height test method: The robot was placed on a flat surface and the distance from the highest point of the body to the surface was measured as 81.5 mm using a caliper accurate to 0.01 mm, which was converted to 8.2 cm.* 20 cm recognition range: Recognition range data provided by Dreame Technology laboratory. A white wall was used as the test object medium, and the infrared buffer motion range was measured as 20 cm. This range is influenced by differences in the obstacle's shape, material and color, and is subject to actual circumstances.* Cleans medium-sized apartments in one go: Approx. 120 m2 cleaning area; this figure was measured by Dreame Technology laboratory by setting a fully charged robot vacuum to Standard mode, performing cleaning in a rectangular empty space, conducting three repeats with the same environment and methodology, and reading off mean values for battery life and maximum cleaned area, then calculating according to a dwelling usage rate of 80%.* Effectively intercepts dust as small as 0.3 μm: Data sourced from Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Services Limited (GTT). Measured in compliance with test standards EN1822-1: 2019 and EN1822-5: 2009, report no.: 0407-19A-01.