• Mi In-Ear HeadphonesBasic

    Sleek aluminum chamber

    Third-generation balance damping system
  • Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

    Sleek aluminum chamber

    Third-generation balance damping system

Precision-built aluminum alloy chamber

The aluminum alloy headphone chamber is precision-treated with anodic oxidation, and sandblasted with zircon to produce a sleek, non-slip, non-scratch, fingerprint-resistant surface.
Cut-prevention treatment of metallic edges ensures a user-friendly finish.

Includes 2 pairs of silicone earbuds (S/L)

Third-generation balance
damping system

The third-generation balance damping system incorporates uniquely designed acoustic and air channels front and back of the sound chamber: A split air channel is designed in the front with a corresponding outlet in the back for richer, more melodic mid-tones. The entire balance damping system optimizes tri-band performance to create crisper, more even acoustics.

In-built microphone

The in-line control is compatible with Xiaomi and mainstream Android cellphones, enabling play/pause and accept/end call functions. Some iPhone, iPad and iPod functions are also supported (not including volume control).