Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10
Product Specifications
Model numberB106GL
Main unit dimensions350x94.5mm
Rated power45W
Rated voltage14.8V⎓
Charging voltage20V⎓
Net weight3.6kg
Package contents
Main unit x1
Main brush x1
2-in-1 water tank and dust container x1(Can be used in either Vacuum or Mop mode)ASide brush x1Brush cover x1(Pre-installed)Pad x1(Pre-installed on mop frame)Mop frame x1Power adapter x1Charging dock x1Cleaning brush x1(Open lid to access)User manual x1
Collision sensor *2
Detect when the infrared signal is blocked to determine whether there are obstacles ahead.
Cliff sensor *4
The strength of the received infrared signal is used to judge height of the drop and prevent the robot from falling.
Effective detection range: 1–10cm
Speed sensor *2
Primarily designed to measure the wheel speed.
No distance measurement function
Induction sensor *1
Detect the presence of functional components (such as the water tank) through magnetic field induction between the sensor and a magnet.
No distance measurement function
Gyroscope (IMU) *1
Detect the position of the robot via a 3-axis gyro sensor.
No distance measurement function
Radar sensor *1
Use radar distance measurements to judge whether there are obstacles ahead and how far away they are, and assist the robot as it plans its path.
Specified range: approx. 0.16m–8m
Recharge sensor *1
Send and receive infrared signals to align the robot with the charging dock.
Effective range: approx. 4m