Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20"

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Durable Makrolon™ polycarbonate by Covestro
Spinner wheels, zippered mesh compartments
TSA-approved lock


*20'' is the standard size of carry-on luggages.

  • Lightweight and

  • TSA lock for improved safety

  • Covestro PC material
    offers good pressure resistance

  • Sturdy, smooth motion
    telescopic handle

  • Dual-bearing spinner wheels,
    smooth and ultra-silent

  • 20" carry-on with 38-litre capacity

Your indispensable
travel companion

On your journey through life, sometimes it's smooth sailing, and other times you run into storms. That's when you need a tough, durable luggage. While you're exploring the sights in some exotic new place, you'll be glad to have a reliable, easy-to-use carry-on, with every detail carefully designed.To make every step a little bit better.

Triple-layer composite Covestro PC material
offers good pressure resistance

Made with recyclable Covestro PC material, the surface of the case offers improved scratch resistance, and the three-layer composite structure makes it exceptionally tough and durable, holding its shape despite pressure. To keep you safe from unexpected troubles on the road.

Honeycomb exterior offers greater durability and support against pressure and impact

The surface of the case features tiny honeycomb dot ripples for improved scratch-resistance. The horizontal grooves on both sides provide structural support to absorb pressure and impact.

Each feature has been thoroughly tested to ensure superior toughness and durability

Features like the rolling motion and scratch and pressure resistance have been rigorously tested, to ensure that each case performs well over its entire service life and under all different travel conditions.

  • Telescopic Jerk Test
    (1200 times)

  • Handle Jerk Test
    (1200 times)

  • Wheels Endurance Test
    (Distance of 36km)

  • Telescopic Endurance Test
    (12000 times)

  • Free Fall Drop Test
    (5kg fall from 90cm height)

  • Shell Resistance and Felexibility Test
    (40kg weight. 12h testing)

  • Side stands
    Help protect your luggage

  • Double slider zipper
    Long-lasting, zips up smoothly

  • Flexible TPU handle
    Sleek design provides comfort and helps absorb impacts

Combination lock for clever travellers

Made with a TSA lock so your luggage gets through customs smoothly.
The TSA lock allows customers screeners to open your luggage without damaging it, using a TSA key.

Carefully designed 360°
castors minimise noise

Features castors made from highly elastic TPE material. The soft material absorbs shocks and keeps your luggage rolling smoothly. The castor bases are secured firmly to the support frame, to minimise noise and absorb jolts, ensuring that the case rolls smoothly even over rough ground.

Castor bases widely-spaced with
high precision to ensure smooth motion

The castor bases are spaced 12.5 mm further apart than other carry-on cases, for greater stability when standing and a smoother rolling motion.
This also provides about 5% more total storage capacity than other 20" cases, so you can take more with you when you travel.

The glossy black 100% aluminium
alloy handle is easy to extend
Holds securely in place

The 100% aluminium alloy handle, now in glossy black, features 4 adjustable
height settings, and a reinforced handle base. Sturdy and lightweight,
its precision design makes it easy to adjust.

Inside features handy storage
compartments and soft lining material

The orderly storage compartments help you stay organised and efficient.
Stores more clothing than other 20-inch, 38-litre luggage, and the versatile
storage compartments and storage net keep your things tidy.
The inner lining is made from polyester fibre, commonly used in
clothing—soft to the touch and safe for even delicate clothing.

Storage net
Spacious and orderly, makes storage easy

Unique design
Carefully designed without pull rings,
to avoid rubbing against clothes

Available in 3 colours

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black