Xiaomi 11T

Additionally to the consumer rights granted by the legal warranty and according to the terms which are published on https://www.mi.com/uk/service/warranty?v=1#warrant the following voluntary additional and free of charge commercial guarantee shall apply to all consumers in Territory of the United Kingdom (hereinafter the “Consumer”). The commercial guarantee is offered by Xiaomi Technology UK Limited, having its registered office at 100 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading RG2 6UJ, United Kingdom with registration number 11447538.

1. Scope

Consumers who purchase a Xiaomi 11T (hereinafter the “Product”) between the 08/10/2021 and 07/11/2021, at mi.com web page or any authorized reseller (online and offline) within the UK (hereinafter the “Territory”) and activate the Smartphone within the Territory, will be eligible to a ONE-TIME (1) free repair service at the locally authorized Xiaomi Service Center during the first SIX (6) months after the purchase, if the screen of the above mentioned Products is damaged or faulty by a non-intentional action by Consumer (i.e. like non-intentional falling of the Product).

Such repair of the screen shall be free of any charge and includes, if needed, the replacement of the screen also free of any charge.

In order to benefit from this commercial guarantee, Consumers must contact the Xiaomi Customer Support. Consumers might be requested to send the invoice of the purchase or the delivery bill.

2. Exclusions

This commercial guarantee shall not be applicable or cover to the following cases:
Ⅰ Damage to the screen caused intentionally or with gross negligence;
Ⅱ Damages affecting only the surface of the screen, such as scratches or other aesthetic appearance of the screen;
Ⅲ Damages incurred by malware, unauthorized software or third-party apps used by the Consumer.

Moreover, the commercial warranty shall as well not be applicable in any of the following cases:
Ⅰ The Consumer does not or cannot disclose the invoice of the purchase or delivery bill;
Ⅱ The serial number and/or the IMEI number is damaged or has been removed or tampered;
Ⅲ The Product is counterfeit and has not been manufactured by Xiaomi;
Ⅳ The defect is caused by a non-intended purposes use or contrary to Xiaomi’s or the seller´s instructions, manuals or guidelines;
Ⅴ The defect arises from the Consumer’s own or unauthorized repair/manipulation, or the use of non-authorized or non-original spare parts, software or components.

This commercial warranty is not applicable to Products that, due to the damages or alteration of the screen, have to be replaced with a new Product. Such replacement will be subject to the legal warranty standards.

Nothing in this Commercial Guarantee shall limit Consumers rights under the applible law.

End of document