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Xiaomi Electric Scooter FAQ

Xiaomi Electric Scooter FAQ

1. Q: What requirements are there for persons riding the E-Scooter?

Answer: The E-Scooter is designed for persons with a height between 120-200cm. The maximum load is 100kg. The maximum gradient the E-Scooter is able to ride is 14%(1S),20%(Pro2). The age requirements depend on the local laws. Moreover, please do not ride the E-Scooter if you are not in a physical or mental condition or are under drug/medicine or alcohol influence.

2.Q: The E-Scooter keeps beeping and its speed is limited to 10 km/h. Is it defective?

Answer: The E-Scooter without being activated will keep beeping when turned on and its speed is limited to 10 km/h. You need to install Mi Home app and follow the on-screen instructions in the app to activate your scooter for the first use. The beeping sound will not stop until the scooter is activated.

3.Q: Does the E-Scooter has a load weight limitation?

Answer: The Max load is 100 kg. However, if your weight is over the limitation,the usage of the E-Scooter is under your sole responsibility.

4.Q: Does E-Scooters can ride on rainy days?

Answer: Although the E-Scooter is water resistant to a certain degree, is the E-Scooter has a certification according to IP54. However, we recommend to not drive the E-Scooter on rainy days, bad weather, snow or in general on wet surfaces due to the nature of the vehicle. Please follow as well the safety instructions in the manual.

5.Q: Which accessories are included within the original packaging?

Answer: The packaging includes: Instruction Manual, Legal Statement, Extended Gas Nozzle, Screw X4, Six Angle Wrench, Charging Adapter, Spare Tire (Only 1S and Pro2 have spare tire*1).

6.Q: What type of battery does the electric scooter use? How long does it take to charge? How long is The battery life?

Answer: E-Scooters use Lithium-Ion batteries, the rated power of charger is 70W. The charging time is around 5-7.5h(1S:5h,Pro 2:7.5h)depending on the certain conditions like temperature, charging status and others., Under regular conditions, the battery can handle more than 500 charging cycles (0-100) and still remain more than 70% of the initial power capacity.To get the best experience and a long battery life you should avoid usage below 10 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ and should avoid storage below 20 ℃ or Above 50 ℃. If you are not using the battery for more than 30 days, you should re-charge the battery to 80% before the next use. In general batteries shall be stored at a dry place and re-charged every 30 days if not used. Note: Batteries may suffer a so called “over discharge” if not charge frequently.

7.Q: Can I remove the battery by myself?

Answer: Under no circumstances should the battery removed by a non-certified/non-professional person. You might put yourself in danger and lose your warranty. Please read the manual to get further instructions.

8.Q: What should I do if I forget or change my password after setting up the password? Can I clear the password?

Answer: If you forget it, please push the brake and accelerator to the bottom, and then shut down, start again and the password will be cleared.

9.Q: How Much Pressure Should I Charge From The Air Nozzle To The Pneumatic Tire?

Answer: The Tire Pressure Rear And Front Inflation Can Be Charged To 45-50psi, And It Is Recommended That Users Check The Tire Pressure regularly.

10.Q: Why is my E-Scooter battery failing to charge?

Answer: There may be Two Reasons:
1)Charger Fault: If The Charger Is Plugged Into The Power Supply,Observe The Indicator Light Of The Charger. If Not On Or The Red Light Is On (Normally The Green Light Is On), It Means There Is Something Wrong With The Charger.
2)The Battery Discharge: If The Vehicle Is Not Used Or Charged For a Long Time, It Is Likely That The Battery Is Over Discharged.Please contact the Xiaomi Support Team to get further advice in any of the above cases.