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Payment FAQ

Q1. What are my payment options?

Answer: Our website offers two payment methods: payment in full or payment by installments (for certain products only). For payment in full, we accept the following credit or debit cards: For payment by installments, we accept Klarna's installment payment service.

Q2. Is payment by installments accepted for all products?

Answer: Payment by installments is currently only available for certain products. You can check whether it is available for the product you are buying when you select the payment method.

Q3. How many installments are allowed, and what are the interest rates?

Answer: The final decision on your installment plan and interest rates is made by our installment service provider, Klarna, according to your credit rating, so you cannot select these on the Xiaomi website. More information is available at: //

Q4. When paying by installments, are there requirements for maximum and minimum payment amounts for each payment?

Answer: When paying by installments, the maximum single payment is 800 GBP and the minimum is 1 GBP.

Q5. When paying in full, if payment is unsuccessful, what is the usual reason?

Answer: Unsuccessful payments are usually due to the following: (1) You entered the SMS verification code sent by your bank incorrectly.

Q6. How long does it take for refunds to arrive if I cancel an order, refuse delivery or return goods?

Answer: Our start-times for processing refunds vary for these three scenarios. Here are the specifics:
(1) Order cancellation: We will start processing your refund as soon as you cancel your order.
(2) Delivery refusal: If you refuse to accept a package, it will be returned to our warehouse in 5 working days to 2 months. We will start processing your refund as soon as the package arrives at our warehouse.
(3) Returns: The package will be mailed to our aftersales branch within approximately XX working days after you send it back. The aftersales branch will inspect the goods within approximately 2 working days. Provided the goods meet our returns criteria, we will immediately start processing your refund at that point.

From the time we start processing your refund, Visa and MasterCard refunds will be returned to your card-issuing bank in 3-5 working days, and all other refunds in 5-7 working days. The maximum will be 15 working days, at which point your order status will be updated to "Refunded." Your card-issuing bank will usually return the funds to your card within 14 working days after it receives the refund, although some banks may take a month.

If you have still not received the refund after this time, you can contact our Customer Service team for information.
Customer Service tel.: 0800 916 0561
Customer Service email:

Q7. If I choose to pay by installments and I cancel an order, refuse delivery or return goods, will my interest payments be refunded?

Answer: Currently we only offer payment by installments for certain products, and it is interest-free. Therefore, if you cancel an order, refuse delivery or return goods, the original price will be what is refunded.

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