1) This sales promotion (the “Promotion”) is organised by XIAOMI TECHNOLOGY UK LIMITED (the “Promoter”): 100 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading RG2 6UJ, Unit Part Ground Floor, North Wing, UK ID Registration No.: 11447538
2) Please contact us if you have some trouble with the terms and conditions of this Promotion: service.uk@xiaomi.com.
3) This Promotion has the aim of letting consumers in the Territory know Xiaomi products.
4) This Promotion is subject to the present Terms and Conditions (“T&C”). The T&C can be found as well on the Promotion site on mi.com. The participation in the Promotion implies both the acceptance of all the provisions of these T&C by the Beneficiaries as well as of the general purchase conditions applicable on www.mi.com.


This Promotion starts as of 00:00 (GMT+1) Monday 16th November 2020 and ends of 23:59 (GMT+1) Sunday 29th November 2020 or while stock lasts, whichever happens first.


The Promotion is valid in UK, mi.com/uk and in our App, which can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: https://mobile.mi.com/uk/appdownload/transfer/ (the "App”).


1) You must be over or the legal age (18 years old) to participate in this Promotion.
2) In order to participate you must be a registered user of Mi.com (www.mi.com/uk) (the "Site") and accept the Terms and Conditions (https://www.mi.com/uk/about/terms/) and Privacy Policy (https://privacy.mi.com/all/uk_UK/) of that Site and own a personal account (or create a personal account) to participate in the Promotion, with indication of the following personal data and information: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number (“Beneficiaries”).


Beneficiaries will be able to access the Promotion web page through the following link: https://event.mi.com/uk/blackfriday2020/sales (the “Promotion Page”).

5.1 General rules of the Promotion
Beneficiaries will get the chance to purchase a Xiaomi Redmi 9 4GB+64GB and Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB+128GB (“Eligible Product”) with an applicable discount by liking the Eligible Product priory selected by the Promoter for the Term of the Promotion on the Promotion Page. The more Likes the Eligible Product gets, the more discount will be applied to the original price of the Eligible Product.
There will be two (2) different periods during the Term of the Promotion:

5.2 Like Levels
During the Like Period, there will be three (3) levels of Like amounts (“Level” and/or “Levels”) corresponding to the minimum amount of Likes the Eligible Product reaches. The amount of Likes for the three (3) Levels go from:
i. 500 Likes for the first Level;
ii. 1000 Likes for the second Level;
To access to the above level, the number of Likes required must be reached, and the discount of that level will automatically be applied for the Eligible Product on the Promotion Page. The number of Likes will be cumulative from one Level to another. You can find more information related to the products and the applicable discounts at points 5.3 and 5.4 described below.

5.3 How to like a product
In order to successfully Like a product during the Like Period, Beneficiaries will have to:

5.4 Eligible Product
Beneficiaries will be able to purchase the Eligible Product with the following discounts:
A) Redmi 9 4GB+64GB
The original price of the Xiaomi mobile phone Redmi 9 4GB+64GB is of 159 pounds.
First Level – 500 likes

Second Level – 1000 Likes

B) Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB+128GB
The original price of the Xiaomi mobile phone Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB+128GB is of 239 pounds.
First Level – 500 likes

Second Level – 1000 Likes

The Purchase Period starts at 00:00 (GMT+1) Friday 20th November 2020 and ends at 23:59 (GTM+1) Sunday 29th November 2020.
The Eligible Product of this Promotion are available in limited quantities. There are only 1100 of Redmi 9 and 1200 of Redmi Note 8 Pro, they will be delivered in strict order of arrival until stocks run out. Once the stock of products is terminated, an “Out of Stock” sign will be displayed and the Promotion will end.


All the prices are in Pound and VAT inclusive.


1) The Promoter will promote the event on the Site, on the App and through any other mean deemed opportune to communicate to the Beneficiaries; advertising materials will be compliant with the present T&C.
2) The Promoter, co-Promoter, any agencies collaborating in this promotion, advertising agencies, distributors and other organization related to this Promotion cannot participate to this Promotion.
3) Products purchased at a discount in this Promotion cannot be exchanged for their cash value, they cannot be transferred to any person or sales channel other than the acquiring user; in such cases, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the Promotion. The products of this Promotion may not be resold, no be subject to commercial distribution, which is exclusive to Xiaomi.
4) The Promoter will interpret and explain the conditions of this promotion according to the legal needs. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel this Promotion with prior notice and always respecting the orders already placed by Beneficiaries.
5) Beneficiaries will automatically and immediately be disqualified from this and any other mi.com promotions if they demonstrate any bad faith or any malicious, inadequate, misleading or inappropriate conduct, use disproportionate, fraudulent or improper means, or violate any applicable legal requirements.


8.1. Promoter’s representation
Unless otherwise expressly stated in this term, Promoter and its affiliated or third-party Promoter s provide the Promotion on best effort basis only and exclude all warranties and conditions of any kind whether expressly or implied. In particular but without limitation, Promoter and its affiliated or third-party Promoter’s do not warrant or represent that:
(i) The Promotion is fit for any purpose or meet Beneficiaries requirements or is provided without any errors or deficiencies or that the Promotion in compliance with any quality levels, as the case may be;
(ii) The Promotion is available to participant at any time and provided to Beneficiaries without disruption, interruption or delay;
(iii) Any information (whether oral or written) obtained by Beneficiaries from Promoter or as a result of Beneficiaries taking part in the Promotion (including any materials or products) will be suitable, accurate, complete, or reliable; and
(iv) That any deficiencies in the Promotion, including any defects in performance, operation or functionality of the Promotion will be fixed, corrected or otherwise remedied.

8.2 Promoter’s liability
Promoter is not liable to Beneficiaries, regardless of the legal grounds, in particular whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or any theory of liability, in or out of the connection with the participation in the Promotion for:
(i) Any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages;
(ii) Any loss of income, business, actual or anticipated profits, opportunity, goodwill or reputation (whether direct or indirect);
(iii) Any damage to and/or corruption or loss of data (whether direct or indirect);
(iv) Any changes, modifications, extensions or limitations (including any suspension of Beneficiaries) in the Promotion.
(v) Access to Beneficiaries account and account data or Beneficiaries registration data) taking part of the Promotion, or any permanent or temporary cessation in the terms or conditions of the Promotion (or any part of them).
In the term that Promoter is liable for a breach of these terms, Promoter’s liability shall be limited to damages, which Promoter must typically expect at the time of the conclusion of this terms due to the circumstances known at the time. Notwithstanding the above, such damages shall not be higher than 100 euros (or equivalent local currency).

Nothing in these terms shall exclude or limit Promoter:
a) Liability for death, personal injury or fraud or in accordance with any product liability act; and
b) Warranty or liability for damages or losses which may not be lawfully excluded or limited by applicable law. If the laws in the Beneficiary’s jurisdiction do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties, terms or conditions or the limitation or exclusion of liability for loss or damage caused by negligence, breach of contract or breach of implied terms, or incidental or consequential damages, only the limitations which are lawful in that jurisdiction will apply to the Beneficiary’s and Promoter ’s liability and warranty will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

8.3. Beneficiaries’ liability
Beneficiaries are entirely responsible for any breach of the obligations under:
(i) These Terms; and
(ii) Any applicable law or regulation in the relevant jurisdictions, including the jurisdiction where you are a resident or from where you are participating in the Promotion
. (iii) And for the consequences of any such breach, including any loss or damage which Promoter or any third-party may incur or suffer. Promoter will have no responsibility to Beneficiary or to any third party in respect of such breach.


Participation in the Promotion will be governed by the Terms, which will be interpreted and applied in accordance with the law of the United Kingdom. The Beneficiaries have the option of filing claims at a competent court in the country in which they are resident.