Xiaomi Smart Speaker Ir Control

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Smart SpeakerIR Control

IR Control
LED Clock Display
360° Surround Sound
Stereo Playback
Google Assistant
Smart Home
Control Center
IR ControlTurning ON the not-so-smart products
Tired of looking for the remote at night to control the temperature of AC or the
TV remote is nowhere to be found.

Now, with the combination of a built-in IR transmitter & Google Assistant,
operate the conventional home devices with your voice without
disturbing your comfort.
LED Clock Display
Uninterrupted Time for your Dime
With adaptive brightness, and LED Display, setting up a routine of a morning
wake up call is as easy as it is to take one side look at the time
Unparalleled DesignDesign made to blend in with surrounding and giving a subtle, minimalistic look
to your already beautiful home.
A perfect piece of technology and a work of art made for your home
True Assistant for all your needsHaving questions or queries or in a mood to listen to amazing songs
or are you just bored?

The power is in your “voice”. Make it dance or rather listen to your beats however you want
Play some music on Spotify
Turn up the volume
Play the latest news
Play music by Sia
Play my dinner playlist
Play my workout playlist
Get Better of the
Controlling smart home irrespective of brands has never been this easy. With all-new intelligent voice control, bind a plethora of devices and just say the word.
**This function can be achieved by binding the device to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP, and then binding the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP to Google Home.
360° Surround Sound
A perfectly balanced sound field providing great sound from all angles.

The increased capacity, the all-side speaker cone, and the innovative cavity design contribute to the richness and details of the sound delivering a true 360 degrees
sound experience. 2 mics and a far field voice wake up support makes the
experience more enriching and augmented.
Takes Two to TangoBehold a completely immersive experience when
you combine two devices of the same model
to form a stereo. Indulge yourself in the
sonorous stereo sound field freely*.
Going an extra mile or two with Xiaomi Smart Speaker. Connect multiple smart speakers* together for home-wide synchronous playing and even for hands-free calls with Google Duo*
Audio Chromecast
Wirelessly cast audio with just one click using Chromecast built-in™. Enjoy playing music, podcasts or news via Bluetooth with
smooth transmission.
*The comparison refers to MediaTek Helio G80 processor featured in Redmi 9.*The dimension and weight comparison refers to Redmi 9.*Unless otherwise indicated on the Redmi 10 product page, all data come from Xiaomi laboratories, product design specifications and suppliers. The testing data may vary slightly due to different software versions, tested phone versions and testing environments and may not reflect the actual product.*The images and videos on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product.