Xiaomi Router AX3000T

Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Full-speed, full-home Wi-Fi 6 coverage

Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Further evolved full-speed Wi-Fi 6
Faster, further, smarter
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Full-speed Wi-Fi 6, 3000Mbps wireless speed
Buffer-free 4K movie streaming
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
'2+1' 5G band antennae
Efficient wall penetration Reach more rooms
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Xiaomi's self-developed Mesh technology
Seamless millisecond-level full-home roaming
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
New-generation 12nm dual-core 1.3GHz processor
High-performance, long-lasting, stable connection
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
NFC one-touch connection
Touch to connect without a password
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Internet TV, simple setup
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Full-speed Wi-Fi 6 Faster than ever
3000Mbps wireless speed
Double throughput for a faster connection Buffer-free 4K movie streaming
The 5G bands support a bandwidth as high as 160MHz, allowing for faster speeds than the Xiaomi Router AX1500 and Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition*. Supports Wi-Fi 6 technology with dual-band concurrent wireless speeds up to 2976Mbps* delivering lower latency and faster speeds, perfect for streaming 4K movies and playing high-definition online games.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
5G band maximum theoretical wireless speed*
Xiaomi Router AX3000T
Xiaomi Router AX1500
Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition
Better than Xiaomi Router AX1500
Better than Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition
*Test data are from the Xiaomi Internal Lab where a Xiaomi smartphone was used to play a 4K movie. Actual results may vary slightly depending on differences in the test software versions, specific testing environments, specific versions, and industry measurement methods.
*Xiaomi Router AX3000T images on this page are for illustrative purposes only. Actual use requires connecting with a power cord and a network cable.
*2976Mbps is the maximum theoretical wireless speed when 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are used concurrently. Actual speed may vary depending on environmental factors.
*Devices must support 160MHz and operate in the 5G bands.
*Data comparison is sourced from the Xiaomi Internal Lab, and the products compared are all Xiaomi ecological products. The values are theoretical values obtained in a standardised testing environment. Actual speed may vary depending on environmental factors.
OFDMA efficient transmission
Multiple devices perform smoothly without network congestion
OFDMA technology allows for simultaneous multi-device data transmission. Whether you're playing games online, studying, working, or just having fun, you can connect multiple devices and transmit data efficiently without network congestion*.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
*Use of this feature requires a terminal device that supports OFDMA.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Efficient wall penetration Reach more rooms
*Data are based on comparisons with Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition and come from the Xiaomi Internal Lab. Testing was conducted in a house with an area of approximately 130–140m². Actual user experience may vary depending on factors such as wall materials, house layout and size, and environmental interference.
Xtra Range™ technology supported, additional 5G antenna
Effortless wall penetration, widespread signal
A high-performance dual-band antenna achieves a '2+1' antenna configuration across 5GHz bands. The 3T3R multiple pathway design enhances 5G signal strength, reducing network interruptions and buffering issues in areas where signals are weak.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
5GHz Extra antenna
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
5-channel high-performance Signal amplifier
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Xiaomi's self-developed Mesh networking technology for full-home coverage
Additional coverage Seamless Wi-Fi switching
Xiaomi's self-developed Mesh networking technology supports a variety of hybrid networking methods*, alleviating signal blind spots and ensuring high-speed internet access throughout your home. Automatically connect to the fastest router node within milliseconds as you move around the house, with a self-healing network that instantly provides secondary paths if there is a router malfunction*.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Xiaomi Router AX3000T
Xiaomi Mesh supported
*This product can network with other Xiaomi Mesh compatible routers with the latest firmware. Please contact customer service for specific models.
*The terminal must support the 802.11k/v protocol. Actual user experience depends on the terminal configuration and environmental factors.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Wireless Mesh
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Wired Mesh
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Combined Mesh
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Ultra-fast speeds Powerful, stable, uninterrupted connectivity
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
High load, high performance Stable connection for multiple devices
1.3GHz dual-core processor
Large 256MB memory can provide stable connection for up to 128 devices*
The new-generation processor adopts an advanced 12nm manufacturing process surpassing the performance of similar products, and combining high performance and low power consumption to ensure super stable operation. Hardware acceleration is enabled to further reduce CPU usage for enhanced stability, reliability, and performance, perfect for online gaming.
Smartphones, televisions, speakers, cameras, and more. Stable connections for all your devices with real-time responses and no mutual interference give you an improved smart experience throughout your home.
*"128 devices" refers to the combined total connections for 2.4G/5G/LAN under laboratory conditions.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Smart router The optimal experience in any scenario
One-touch connection for friends and family
NFC one-touch connection No password required
AX3000T supports NFC one-touch connection. Simply touch the NFC area on the router with an Android smartphone to quickly and securely connect to the network without entering a password.
*The mobile smartphone must be an NFC-enabled Android phone and used when the screen is lit up and unlocked.
*Xiaomi Router AX3000T product images on this page are for illustrative purposes only. Actual use requires connecting with a power cord and a network cable.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Enjoy entertainment for the whole family anytime
IPTV enabled Simple setup
Xiaomi Router AX3000T supports IPTV single-line multiplexing, simplifying your home wiring for a seamless streamlined operation.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Exclusive acceleration for Xiaomi smartphones* Low latency, stable output
Xiaomi/Redmi smartphones are automatically recognized and provided with an exclusive acceleration pathway for gaming and video scenarios. By prioritising the speed and stability of the network, latency and lag are effectively reduced for a smoother experience.
*To activate MIUI cellphone game booster, add the game to the Game Turbo app, switch on "Mi Wi-Fi speed boost", then press the "Boost" button in the sidebar while playing the game.
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
More technical support
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Dual-band integration
Automatically select the most suitable band access
No need to worry about choosing the fastest node
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Next-generation security and encryption standards
Home protection network security
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Automatically detect device location.
Directional signal enhancement for greater coverage
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
More addresses
Greater forwarding efficiency
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
BSS Colouring*
Rational algorithm optimisation
Reduce interference between Wi-Fi routers
*This feature requires all devices in the network environment to support BSS Colouring
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Rigorous testing, premium Xiaomi quality
≥ 220,000 times
Power supply stability test
(Cumulative times powered on and off over 4 scenarios with 20 prototypes)
≥ 54 times
Hardware structural reliability testing
(Drop test, impact test, vibration test)
≥ 180,000 times
Memory stress test
(20 prototypes, cumulative number of read and write operations)
128 devices
Testing multiple devices online at the same time
(Combined access under laboratory conditions)
≥ 1000 hours
Harsh environment test
(Cumulative tests in 6 scenarios on 4 prototypes)
≥ 100,000 times
Flash memory reliability test
(Flash continuous read and write test)
How to enhance the Wi-Fi signal
Router placement recommendations
Xiaomi Router Ax3000t
Not recommended
1. Enclosed metal boxes such as low-voltage panels or enclosed metal cabinets.
2. Obstructed areas such as storage compartments in cement walls, corners covered by furniture such as sofas, or inside shoe cabinets/TV stands.
3. Where there are appliances nearby that may cause interference, such as microwave ovens, induction cookers, computer power supplies, home generators, or wireless optical modems.
4. Peripheral areas of the house, such as balconies, bathrooms, or laundry rooms.
1. Spacious and unobstructed locations, such as on TV cabinets, coffee tables, etc.
2. Close to the center of the house.
3. At a height of 1 meter above the ground, rather than on the floor.
4. The router antenna should be positioned vertically, perpendicular to the ground.
*If full coverage is not achieved and dead spots remain even when the router is placed in the center of the house, it is recommended you add another device for Mesh networking to achieve seamless coverage.
*Product images on the above pages are for illustrative purposes only. The physical product may vary slightly. Please refer to the actual product.
*Xiaomi Router AX3000T has four antennae, including one for 2.4G+5G frequencies, two for 5G signals, and one for 2.4G signals.
*Xiaomi Router AX3000T product images on the page are for illustrative purposes only. Actual use requires connecting with a power cord and a network cable.
*The data for the power supply stability test, hardware structural reliability test, memory stress test, multiple device simultaneous connection test, harsh environment test, and flash memory reliability test are from the Xiaomi Internal Lab Routing Reliability Test Report
*The content and features shown on the above pages cannot be guaranteed to remain permanent and may change due to changes in copyright, commercial, or technical conditions. In case of any changes without individual notification, please refer to the actual contents and features of the product.
*Product images, models, data, features, performance, specifications, user interface, and other product information may change depending on factors such as product batches or supplier replacements. Xiaomi may modify the above content. Please refer to the actual product and product manual for specific information.
*The data comparison regarding signal coverage area is based on the Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition. Data involved in comparison are sourced from Xiaomi Internal Lab. Actual user experience may vary depending on factors such as wall materials, house layout and size, and environmental interference.
*Unless otherwise indicated, the comparisons mentioned on this page were made with Xiaomi products. Information on this page comes from our internal lab data, design and technology parameters, and data provided by vendors. Actual data may differ slightly depending on the test software version, the specific test environment, the specific version, and industry measurement methods.