Mi In-Ear
Headphones Pro 2

Complete Overhaul,
Total Improvement
Polished Exterior|Graphene Diaphragm|Dual Driver

Dark and sensuous like the night,
redefining trendiness

The dark colour of the metallic body sparks love at first sight. Be a trend setter rather than trend follower.

Highly Polished
Fresh yet Classic

When playing music through Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Silver, you aren't just listening to music, you are showing the world your appreciation for classic artistic style. The surface of the exterior goes through five stages of polishing to reach this level of glossiness.

Graphene Diaphragm
Richer Sound Detail

Graphene composite diaphragms are both the lightest weight and the best fidelity currently available. The graphene composite plays an important role in high-frequency ductility, leading to greater richness of detail. When combined with a soft PET layer, the sound quality is so realistic and penetrating, you will hardly believe the sound isn't all around you.

Moving Coil + Moving Iron Dual Driver System

Building on the advantages of the previous generation of Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro, the acoustic structure of the earphones still uses the dual driver system with both a moving coil and a moving iron. The lifelike sound quality is smooth and full. With the sound quality balanced across three bands, the punch in this tiny package will blow you away.

Two Materials
Double Protection

Making use of a braided wire for both tensile and ductile strength, the exterior of the cable is made of high-elastic skin-friendly TPE. Flexible, durable, difficult to damage, high fidelity. What's not to like?

MEMS Microphone
Clearer Calls

Supporting hands-free easy to answer anytime calling, the MEMS microphone brings with it clearer phone calls.

Hammer Type Jack
Extremely Durable

Looking like a little hammer, the "L" type plug design has a more stable connection that reduces the chance of bending the wire, and as a result, extends the life of the earphone - making it an essential on-the-go travel partner.

Comfort First

With 4 different earplug sizes provided, nearly everyone will find a size that fits perfectly. A better fit means a better experience. So comfortable, you might forget you're wearing headphones at all.