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3250mAh Mi Power Bank Flashlight

11 brightness levels, all at your fingertips
11 brightness levels | Minimalist design
3350mAh lithium battery | Capable of charging smart devices

The beam will be with you through the dark night

Your walk through the city night marks where the bright meets the dark. Each step with the beam is one of confidence and ease.

The light accompanies you on the dark road

For cyclists, darkness is by no means an impediment. Let the light be your guide.

Rotate the head to switch between the 11 brightness levels

The 3250mAh Mi Power Bank Flashlight employs a digital coder structure that adjusts the brightness upon a slight rotation of the head. There are as many as 11 brightness levels to choose from. The Lumileds LED lamp bead inside the head can achieve a brightness of as high as 240lm, fulfilling your daily needs.

Aluminium alloy body and pleasant minimalist design

The minimalist appearance of the 3250mAh Mi Power Bank Flashlight is unlike anything you would ever expect from a flashlight. An aluminium alloy body that is durable and glossy. The white body and the silver head lend beauty to each other, bringing forward the excellence of the design. The whole flashlight weighs only 103g. It’s as light as it is bright.

Large capacity lithium battery providing brighter light for longer

The 3250mAh Mi Power Bank Flashlight comes with a 3350mAh lithium battery by Panasonic or LG, providing as much as 216 minutes of bright light. It also has a smart temperature control function that can automatically decrease the brightness and adjust the temperature. This ensures safety when the temperature exceeds the limit after a long period of usage.


Bright lighting

SOS mode that comes to your aid

Quickly tap the home button three times to switch the 3250mAh Mi Power Bank Flashlight into SOS mode.
Here the flashlight will send out signals asking for help and guide you out of dangerous situations.

Not just a flashlight,
but also a smart device charger

USB charging port

With built-in Silergy SY6918 smart chips, the 3250mAh Mi Power Bank Flashlight is able to charge most phones and electronic devices on the market. It can be used to charge small current devices such as the Mi Smart Band and Mi Bluetooth Headset when switched into small current mode. As both a flashlight and a charger, the 3250mAh Mi Power Bank Flashlight is more than you can imagine.

* The product can charge devices with an input voltage of 5V. Quickly tap the home button twice to switch into the small current mode.

More fun with smart accessories

The 3250mAh Mi Power Bank Flashlight brings you more fun when it works with smart accessories such as the Mi Portable Fan.

*All test data above is from the Zimi Laboratory. Actual performance may vary depending on objective environmental changes.

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